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Positive Effects of Using Correct Writing Strategies Research Paper

Positive Effects of Using congeal Writing Strategies - Research Paper ExampleMistakes are part of learning and should thus be taken positively. The student can assess their mistakes and those of their peers and learn from the experience. However, the learning process occurs when correcting mistakes. The correction process should involve bad positive feedback, which enlightens the learner on the areas that require improvement. There are different types of mistakes that learners of a second expression can make. Some errors are serious to an extent that they hamper communication. This happens when the learner is incapable of constructing comprehendible sentences. The main errors that make communication through report impossible are mainly grammatical errors, which can be corrected. There are varying strategies that can be used by teachers to correct learners. In my propensity inkshedding and peer review turned out to be very easeful and enabled me to learn how to write correctly .Inkshedding could help students learn a language since it enables them to realize the best strategies to use in writing to communicate their imagination to others effectively. In most cases, learners are unaware of their mistakes and require someone else to help them identify and correct their mistakes. On the one hand, inkshedding helps the ESL to communicate with the teacher, and the teacher is able to give valuable comments that enable the students to identify their weaknesses and improve their writing skills. Additionally, inkshedding enables the teacher to motivate the learners without making them feel anxious. After identifying their mistakes, the students are able to correct them even on their own. According to W. Susan, (2001)Teacher can reach an immediate glimpse into what each student thinking, this is more useable than the limited amount of feedback one receive from few students who are just routinely talking. Indeed, whenever I get my inkshed back, I see many valuabl e comments made by the instructor.

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Physical Activity Basketball Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Physical Activity Basketball - Essay ExampleOne of the physical activities that I think is beneficial for keeping the balance between the mind and the body is basketball. It has a lot of advantages that I have learned myself personally when I became a member of a basketball team in high school. My experience as a member of the team has shaped me into the kind of person I am today. Physically and mentally, basketball made me become a stronger and healthier person since this game does non besides require one to be endure the pains of running and keeping up with the different players, but the mental skills of calculating distances and strategies in order to win the game. It demands passion, team work, and trust in oneself as well up as the other members of the team.I have been playing basketball for at least septet years now and I find it to be a unique sport. Through my experience over the years, I have found that my mind has become much mature and so have my skills. By particip ating in basketball matches since I was eleven, I have found that practice is not the only key to winning a game. By studying the other teams strengths and identifying their weaknesses, we gain more advantage over winning the game. Although basketball requires learning several physical skills, players should also train and hone its mental skills since the game demands analytical skills as well. As Gladwell and Crawford argue, physical activities require imagination, creativity as well asflexibility rather than blindly following textbook knowledge. Like any other incompetent players, basketball superstars started as any other basketball enthusiast who simply loves the sport. The only difference is that these superstars were disgrace enough to admit their weaknesses that they used it on their advantage. They worked hard to further develop their strengths and worked even harder to overcome their weaknesses.In The Physical Genius, Malcolm Gladwell shares the secret of how Michael Jor dan, the lord of basketball

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Organisational Structure, Boundaries and Space Essay

Organisational Structure, Boundaries and Space - Essay ExampleThe boundaries amidst collection plate and lean argon blurring. Today, workers want more flexibility and mobility as compared to the previous years. The increase in the Web 2.0 tools at the workplaces is contributing to the erosion of boundaries between social and work life. The technological developments, web presence and the social media are considered as the major factors contributing to the blurring boundaries between work and home. Adnerson argues that difficulty in managing work-home balance is increasing dissociate rate because when couple experiences difficulties in managing their roles, they start confusion over changing gender roles which create problems between them. Actually individuals have different roles which they perform in the society. In the context of an organisation, the roles of individuals at workplace and home are of special interest. Edwards, R. J. and Rothbard (2002) argue that a dramatic incr ease has been seen in the research devoted to translate the association between work and family life and a number of linking mechanisms have been also suggested to explain the character of the relationship between work and family roles of an individual. Organisations have adopted various mechanisms to reconfigure the work and home roles, so that employees could be better able to achieve the balance. Boundaries between work and home have become signifi empennagetly heavy because of the changing work patterns and organisational behaviour. Greenhaus and Singh have highlighted few major links which are usually parallel to work-home boundaries. These conflicts take conflict, trying on, enrichment, compensation and segmentation. Work-family conflict is the incompatibility between the work roles and home roles and it may be because of the pressures from either of the domain. Work-family accommodation as defined by Lambert (1990, cited in Greenhaus and Singh, 2003) is the process throug h which people try to bowdlerize their participation in one role to fulfil the demands of the another(prenominal) role. Work-family compensation as defined by Lambert (1990) and Zedeck (1992, cited in Greenhaus and Singh, 2003) is the attempt to seek satisfaction from one role by offsetting the dissatisfaction in other role. Another mechanism that links work and home is the work-family enrichment, in which roles of individuals in one role run on the role of individuals in the other role. Finally work-home segmentation separates the roles of individuals at work and home and it advocates that integrating the roles can create conflicts. Therefore, work and home roles are strongly linked with each other. Managing boundaries have become weighty for the companies because organisations seek to achieve maximum employee productivity and it is only possible of employees play their role more in effect and efficiently. All individuals have transitions in their roles of home, work and other places and the transitions are the boundary- crossway activities where one performs roles and enters and exists (Ashforth, Kreiner and Fugate, 2000). Ashforth, Kreiner and Fugate have considered these roles to be range on a continuum which spans from high segmentation to high integration. Actually, Ashfort and his colleagues have argued that roles can be broadly categorise into two major groups. When the segmentation between roles is significant, the boundaries blur and the magnitude of change increases, thereby, making the boundary crossing more difficult. On the other hand, when the roles integration is significant, t

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Provider Roles in Spiritual Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Provider Roles in Spiritual cope - Essay ExampleAs the discussion stresses the spiritual dimension of the client is strongly evident during illness, stress, difficulties, and end-life-care when slew strongly needed the direction and comfort derived from their spiritual preferences. Faith and religion are essential components of a clients spiritual dimension and health provider has the responsibility to have self-awareness of ones spiritual preferences before integrating a non-biased spiritual care.This paper discusses that in order to address a holistic care, the healthcare police squad must involve the participation of multi-faith chaplain professionals to assist healthcare team members in providing specific cultural, religious, and faith needs of clients and families. Spiritual care is the most difficult task of a provider, oddly the nurses. Most of the nurses lack adequate fosterage for spiritual care giving and may influence the cookery of adequate spiritual care. Healthcar e providers such as nurses need to have formal education training or graduate programs in pastoral counseling or ministry in order to provide an subtle and competent spiritual care and to refer clients to other spiritual care providers as needed.Organizational team members such as the Baptist Healing Trust aim to further the work of non-profit agencies in providing health go to vulnerable populations in Middle Tennessee.Members of the Baptist Healing Trust heal with love and compassionate care in accordance with the Christian tradition.

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Pricing Strategy River Side Cafe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Pricing Strategy River placement coffee bar - analyze ExampleThis gives River Side Cafe a distinct competitive advantage over its competitors as its odd Mexican style attracts and retains coffee and tea lovers at its premises. Therefore, the premium pricing outline is the best schema for River Side Cafe to adopt because it is also a new entrant into the market with the hope of maximizing its revenues especially in the first stages of the coffeehouses product life cycle (Smith, 2011).River Side Cafe is a new player in the tea and coffee industry. As such, it has to curve out a name for itself in the beverages service industry in order to attract and retain loyal customers. However, it faces slicked competition from established industry players who already have reputable brand names and command a large share of the market. These include the likes of Tchibo, Nestle, Wal-Mart and Starbucks. These companies have a wide capital outlay to expand and evoke their business thereby rem aining relevant in the market over a long period. Therefore, River Side Cafe has to establish its own competitive advantages in order to enter this strongly guarded beverages market. owe to its unique features in brewing and serving coffee and tea, the cafe also incorporates a pricing strategy in order to penetrate the market further (Jensen, 2013). Premium pricing is the best pricing strategy for the cafe to use in entering the beverages business under such competitive markets. This strategy gives the cafe class, style and prestige as well as promoting its clients base through word of mouth references. world a new kid in the block and charging high prices for their products and services attracts high-end consumers as well as establish a reputable

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Marketing Master Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

marketing Master - Case Study ExamplePrice competition, backed by improved efficiency, is the main device characteristic of this industry today (Chrisman et al 2003).Mission the mission of Kitchen do Pies is to produce and market high- whole step undecomposed and rimed pies to institutional customers and restaurants. The original mission had made it clear that it was in the relatively unexploited sector that Kitchen make Pies saw its clearest opportunity for innovation. Kitchen Made Pies set out to create a range of high-quality products that were distinctive in type, and especially appealing to people who had acquired a taste for pies. A wholesome, appetizing and, at same time, slenderly exotic taste experience is what Kitchen Made Pies wanted to offer (Chrisman et al 2003).Goals the main goal of the friendship is to get and keep a customer. Also, Kitchen Made Pies is aimed to achieve competitive advantage and sustainable competitive creating place for their customers, selec t markets where they can excel and present a moving target to their competitors by continually change their position. Three of the most important factors are innovation, quality and inventory reduction. In order to improve logistics, the phoner is aimed to concentrate on doing business with drop-shippers which allow to involve larger orders. A continuum of resource sustainability is to compose resources and capabilities characterized by their durability and imitability. Financial goal is to increase gross revenue and liquidity of business (Chrisman et al 2003 Paley, 2006). market PoliciesMarketing policies Be in one of the most highly rated industries for stability and success, Kitchen Made Pies offers a high quality pies to everyone who wants an excellent taste. It is advantage is that Kitchen Made Pies can meet the requirement of wide audience marketing fresh and frozen pies. The high quality ingredients are the main criterion for Kitchen Made Pies. It does not want to quash co sts of production as it can worsen quality of their products. Recent classs, sales of the company involve failed (Paley, 2006). According the present day situation the current product mix, sales of approximately $35,000 per week which is $1,829,000 per year (Chrisman et al 2003, p. 45). PR personnel also play a key role in responding to uncomplimentary media reports or controversies that arise because of company activities in different parts of country. The basic tools of public relations acknowledge news releases, newsletters, media kits, press conferences, tours of plants and other company facilities. Financial PoliciesFinancial policies Financial situation of the company designate that it needs additional costs to cover all the expenses. According to Financial data, the net profit sales is - 10,91%, total assets is - 44,9% and equity is - 65,4% (Chrisman et al 2003, p. 45). In general, these are very low figures for the company like Kitchen Made Pies. The other problem is th at the bank note is due, and Kitchen Made Pies has to pay it. Refinancing the loan is the major concern of the company. another(prenominal) negative situation is low liquidity which can have a great impact on the future financial situation of Kitchen Made Pies. Also, the major problem is Dean Distributing which has a poor wages record. High production costs are concern of the co

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Purchasing and Supply Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Purchasing and offer - Essay ExampleThis paper explores purchasing and supply at Wal-Mart stores. Effective supply and purchasing management plays a crucial role in ensuring organizational success. The Line of Business, Mission, and Goals of the Organization Wal-Mart is a multinational potbelly that operates in the retail industry. The mission statement of the company is Saving people money so they push aside live better(Pradhan, 2007, P. 111). However, the company does not have a written vision, tho relies on quint fundamental values to guide its operations. These values include integrity, opportunity, purpose, family and community as wholesome as accountability. rightfulness focuses on doing things in the right way. Opportunity as a core value is oriented towards employee increment and development. The company engages in different ways to improve living standards in communities in which it operates and makes its guests to feel kick downstairs of it. Purpose as a core valu e of the company enables it to focus on supplying customers with cheap, but quality products while demonstrating responsibility, which is the fifth fundamental value that guides the operations of the company. The Description of Job Functions and Job Responsibilities, educational Background, Professional Experiences, Personal Challenges, Job Achievement, and Fulfillment The respondent in the interview was a replenishment manager, consumer healthcare at Wal-Mart. From the information obtained from the interview, his job responsibilities include creation of customer level forecast and to partner with customers in the development of an established customer level projection, scrutinizes inventory levels and the movement of products at customer level, creates relevant analyses for verisimilar returns or cost-saving prospects resulting from replenishment strategies. The replenishment leader also shares forecast information with sales team to assist them review forecasts, strategies, pro motions as well as other necessary information. He is charged with the responsibility of underdeveloped general customer level inventory planning and also partners with clients to perform in accordance with the strategy. He is also supposed to portray effective use of inventory within customer supply chain of mountains. He reports frequently on a scorecard based on agreed metrics and implements action plans to control improvement in areas that need to be improved. He co-operates with the Replenishment CEO to craft techniques and processes aimed at better forecasting and replenishment process. He provides replenishment input into the Headquarter regarding supply and operation process as may be necessary. Finally, he is expected to assume any other responsibility and reporting that may contribute the business as may be demanded by the top management. The respondent revealed to be a carrier of Master degree in business logistic with seven years of experience of supply chain manag ement. He is also proficient with relevant computer skills such as excel, word as well as some application software for supply logistic management. The greatest job achievement ascertained in the interview was gaining experience on how to develop effective supply and logistic strategies at customer level. Some of the main challenges mentioned include the expanding scope of customer needs, insufficient funds to support all the requirements of the plane section and the complexity of the supply chain. The Operational and Strategic Objectives of the Supply and Purchasing

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Answer of 2 Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

settlement of 2 Question - Essay ExampleThe thickness for this slice is given by z = where Gz is the slope strength, z is the slice thickness, is the young modulus, and f is the offset frequency. Therefore, making the offset frequency to be the loose of the formula we get f = where f is the offset frequency (Sheil, 44). Hence,From the figure, 7.9 showing out the signal of magnetic resonance imaging obtained from complete and water there were two signals that were received. These signals include the signals from water which were at 4.8ppm and the signal from fat which was at 1.5ppm. The signal from water was displayed by a peak that was due to protons in water while that from fat was displayed by a peak due to protons within the fat. In the body of an organism, fat and water atomic number 18 the key components of protons. The molecules of fat and water contain a number of protons whose molecules is extremely beneficial in MR signal.From the figure, there were two peaks. One pea k, which was 4.8ppm, was due to protons in water. Another peak, which was 1.5ppm, was due to protons in fat. These two peaks had different ppm because of a number of reasons. First, the rest period time (T1) for water takes a longer duration of time compared to that of fat. This was evident in figure 7.10 where the weighted T1 image recorded reduced signals from water. In addition to this, transverse time of relaxation (T2) of water that was free had a short correlation time compared to that of fat.The decay of T2 is because of the interactions that are magnetic which carry on in between the protons that are spinning. It is for this reason that the fat ppm had a shorter peak compared to that of water. Research has shown out that water has a longer time of relaxation since its natural motion frequency is higher compared to the clinically utilize larmor frequency (Sheil, 10). Relaxation time involves the time taken by protons to remain either coherent or have a phase rotation. This rotation normally

Reflection Paper 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

musing Paper 2 - Essay ExampleSocial psychologists David W. Merill and Roger H. Reid defined social styles as the ability to serve up some others look things (Thompson, 2002, p. 21). During an interview, social styles atomic number 18 applied to communication so that both persons helped distributively other understand what they are saying and conflicts can be prevented. There are four social styles identified by Merill and Reid, namely direct (driver), spirited (expressive), considerate (amiable), and systematic (analytical) social styles. Each of the four styles is unique from each other depending on the level of assertiveness and responsiveness. Assertiveness is the degree in which a person influences other good deal either by directly telling them what they think or asking other peoples thoughts before they tell their own thoughts. Meanwhile, responsiveness is the manner by which a person responds to other peoples comment either through used of factual row or conveyance o f emotional words or gestures (Thompson, 2002, p. 23). Direct (Driver) social style has racy assertiveness and controls emotions. People of this style by are decisive, has formal speech, direct eye contact, maintain physical distance, coercive and poor listener. The spirited (expressive) type displays emotions and has high level of assertiveness.

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Critically appraise the Joint Law Commission proposals for the reform Essay

Critically surveil the Joint practice of police rush marriage offers for the reform of the law relating to Business Insureds, considering furt - Essay ExampleBusiness Insureds goat be divided into their components so the Commissions proposals can be critically analysed. Duty of manifestation The law of disclosure is famously referred to in the section 18 of MIA. It states that the insured must provide every(prenominal) material circumstance that it acknowledges or ought to know in the ordinary course of its business (Joint Law Commission Report, 2012, p. 7) both the underwriter and the insured owe a duty of utmost good faith to for each one other (Brook, 2012, p. 21). In Goshawk Dedicated Ltd v Tyser & Co Ltd it was held that utmost good faith was not free standing but formed the basis for implicating a term (Gurses, 2013, p. 77). The need for change (proposal) arose from the 2007s section that a business insured save needs to provide volunteering facts that an insurer wou ld want to know (Palmer, Mackie, Davies & Marris, 2012). To rectify this, the Commissions proposal retains duty of the insured for providing all material facts that any fair(a) insurer would want to know. ... For instance, in practice, strict adherence to MIA can sometimes produce results that are unsporting or inappropriate for the insurer (Joint Law Commission Report, 2012, p. 38). Although the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure & Misrepresentation) Act 2012 has addressed these issues in its proposal but concrete reforms in this regard are yet to come. Proposals for Non-disclosure and Misrepresentation The original Act of 1906 suggests that an insurer can only avoid the contract in only those areas where the insured is guilty of non-disclosure or magic trick (Joint Law Commission Report, 2012, p. 24). This does not do justice to the insurer as the losses by thaumaturgy or failure to disclose material information can range from minimal to catastrophic (Joint Law Commission Report, 2 012, p. 179). For this reason, the Commissions proposal suggests defining this dishonest conduct (Joint Law Commission Report, 2012, p. 213). devil options in this regard are either going for deliberate or reckless, or the common law test of caperulent conduct (Joint Law Commission Report, 2012, p. 213). So this is what the new picture looks like. If the misconduct on insureds part is innocent or negligible then the remedy for the insurer is only proportionate to the amount of damages. This leniency is because not all damages arise out of deliberate fraud or misrepresentation. In Economides a 21-year-old man placed the contents of his flat below their market rank when his parents moved in with him, the Court of Appeal considered his statement an opinion rather than a fact. As it was do in honest good faith it did not have to be reasonable (Summer, 2013, p.

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Examining switching costs as a moderator in the relationship between Essay

Examining switching costs as a moderator in the relationship between service personalization, customer satisfaction and customer - Essay Example net presence with low price, low search costs, high power obtained and convenient with the appearance of the lucre. The incredible product of the lucre is solid changing the way of business model. This is no exception that internet engineering that significant influence and changing the globose banking industry. Internet banking is fairly considered as adept of the major achievements in global finance. Financial organizations and facilities invest heavily in the development of sophisticated internet technologies, to improve their nonchalant operations. The internet exemplifies a new channel for expanding the customer base and raising customer satisfaction for banks. Today, a simple click of mouth can turn the world of financial go upside down, giving consumers unique freedom in choosing the best provider of high-quality financial services (Chong Soo, Scruggs et al. 2002). Internet banking has recently become one of the most frequently discussed topics in professional literature. Numerous studies shown that internet has become the most popular electronic delivery platform for banking (Karjaluoto, Mattila et al. 2002). Open-access networks are studied and further used to deliver high-quality banking services directly to customers. good provision of various information technologies and online financial services to customers has already become an inseparable component of the banks daily routine (Daniel 1999). Non-human interaction and extensive use of the internet operation are no longer move to anyone but, on the contrary, serve the principal channel for delivering financial services to customers all over the world. (Minjoon and Shaohan 2001). The Hong Kong financial services sector has changed significantly during the past decades. Previously, the banks used conventional, branch-based systems and organizatio nal networks, to deliver financial services to customers. After wherefore the banks have come to realize the need for lower cost methods of financial services delivery to customers, which would jock them to develop new ways of attracting customers. Banks started to improve and restructure their product delivery mix, to include various technology elements and develop new approaches for financial services and business operations in the banking sector. An early breakthrough was atmospheric state and 24 hours telephone banking services. To rapid development of internet and telecommunication technologies, most of banks was migrated the financial services to internet platform. Nowadays, online banking services exemplify one of the most successful achievements in the global financial services industry. The internet turns into the principal channel for enhancing customer service, as wholesome as improving integration and interaction with their clients. through the simplest form, the in ternet bank can use one single web-page in the Internet, to provide customers with high-quality banking services. (Jones, Mothersbaugh et al. 2002). Therefore, these are technologies that feed banks to acquire better opportunities to control their profit structures, costs, manage and possibly reduce operating expenses, as well as develop and sustain efficient systems of profitability management. The simplest website can provide customers

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Environmental Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Environmental Politics - demonstrate ExampleProtests do not necessarily lead to environmental legislations being passed or considered as pointed let out by Agnone. This is just basic assumption based on generalization of research results forgetting that communities are variant and just because several protests over legislations got recognition and quick action does not mean that it is the only rut to enforce policy changes (Agnone 1599). The author should train carried out more research to compare the number of policies that have been passed without protest against those passed with protest before writing the article and present the evidence in writing.The suggestion in Kuzmiaks article that the American Environmental Movement is gaining popularity and support recently as a result of their departed history is not entirely correct. The world not only America has in the recent decades been experiencing changes in environment as a result of the climate change. With the effects sta rting to be experienced in form of hurricanes in the US, a change of heart to support environmental groups and activists has had to take place and the point that this group has been there for a long time hence people recognize it is what has made the ontogeny in popularity (Kuzmiak

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Separation of Mixtures of Solids Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Separation of Mixtures of Solids - Lab notify ExampleAs so-and-so be seen, the total weight of the mixtures components after legal separation was less than the initial weight of the mixture. Specific all in ally, a total of 39% of the weights were lost during the experiment. The counting of which is elaborated below. CALCULATIONS The calculation of the percent pass was as follows CONCLUSION/DISCUSSION As demonstrated, separation of a mixture of solids into its components can be done by taking advantage of the innate differences of the characteristics of each of the components. Iron is the scarce metal component of the four, and this was taken advantage of in the use of attractiveness. By exposing the mixture to the magnet, it was ensured that only iron fillings would be able to attach to the magnet. On the other hand, unlike smooth, benzoic acid and salt are twain water soluble, and their solubility was increased by heating the solvent, ensuring that benzoic acid and salt can be dissolved. Next, since benzoic acid is less soluble than salt, it crystallized at cooler temperatures of the aqueous solution. The salt was so transformed back to its solid form by allowing water to evaporate (Masterton and Hurley, 2004). QUESTIONS A. How did your proposed procedures or flow charts at the beginning of this experiment compare to the actual procedures of this lab exercise? In my proposed procedure, I planned to correct the salt and benzoic acid instead by adding water and boiling the mixture. The resulting solution will so be cooled to precipitate out the benzoic acid, and the remaining liquid will be allowed to evaporate until only the salt remains. To the remaining mixture of supposedly iron and sand, it will be exposed to a magnet to attract the iron and leave the sand behind. B. Discuss possible advantages or disadvantages of your proposed procedure compared to the one truly used. Although the principle is the same, I feel that my proposed flowchart po ses some disadvantages as that compared to the instructions. First, boiling water may imbibe corrosive effects on the iron, making them weak enough to break into pieces that may contaminate the sand that will remain after all the separation techniques. Second, the weight of the iron may be overestimated, as it may get wet because of the exposure to liquid that might not be totally dry out during the procedure. C. How would you explain a sand recovery voice that is higher than the original sand percentage? Sand, especially when it is composed mostly of clay, tends to sip in water that may add onto the weight of the sand. D. What were potential sources of error in this experiment? What I think mostly contributed to the relatively large percentage loss was the weighing. Probably, a few particles remained on the weighing dish every time weighing was done during the experiment. Thus, all of the components were most likely underestimated in this experiment. Other sources of error inclu de not completely drying out the water before weighing the solids not completely magnetizing out the iron, overestimating the weight of sand not completely set up out benzoic acid when the benzoic acid + salt solution is exposed to cooler temperatures, then underestimating the weight of benzoic acid and overestimating the weight of salt and not completely evaporating the fluid, thus overestimating the weight of salt. References Masteron, W. L. and Hurley, C. N. (2004). interpersonal chemistry Principles and Reactions. 4th ed.

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Should the U.S. Government Levy Additional Fines or Taxes on Companies Essay

Should the U.S. Government Levy Additional Fines or Taxes on Companies That Ship Jobs Overseas - Essay frameworkThe paper tells that according to the McKinsey Global Institute the threat posed by shipping hypothesizes abroad has been grossly exaggerated. To start with, they argue that the number of jobs lost per year to offshoring is far fewer than the normal rate of job turnover in the economy. Secondly, savings from offshoring enables companies to invest in future technologies that create more jobs at theater and abroad. Thirdly, global competition improves the skills of American companies making them more competitive. Companies that offshore have the opportunity to take avail of distinctive skills that ar available overseas. Fourthly, the U.S. runs a tidy sum surplus in services. This means that America take other countries to buy its surplus services. If America refuses to similarly offer overseas countries a platform for trade by refusing to procure their services these countries may opt to retaliate and thus sidetrack the U.S. with no iodin to trade in its excess capacity. On the contrary, in Its a Flat World After either argues that the convergence of information and communication technologies (ICTs) have leveled the playing field and if not addressed as a critical issue by the U.S. policies, it could signal the end of American wealth and global dominance. He elevate argues that whereas in the past American companies offshored primarily to minimize production costs, nowadays they do so because they ar unable to find the talent they need locally. Nobel Laureate Paul Samuelson agrees with Friedman when he states that free trade could leave rich countries worse off by eroding them off their comparative advantages. Moreover, who says that China, India, Russia and the other emerging economies are content with providing low-end, low-wage jobs for eternity.

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Controlling Marijuana Abuse among University Students in the US Research Paper

Controlling Marijuana Ab us mature among University Students in the US - Research Paper warningMarijuana abuse can, therefore, be described as the illegal use of ganja to alter integritys mood, emotional state or state of conscience. In modern societies, the use and abuse of drugs creates a social paradox which includes the potential for good protrudecomes such as being used for medicinal purposes and dreadful ones such as addiction which can cause diseases, such as lung cancer. As a absolute impact of marijuana, patients suffering from severe forms of cancers get a bit of reprieve from their anguish through controlled use of the drug, whereby with small doses they are able to undergo less suffering. However, certifications of clinical uses are still unavailable out-of-pocket to little known knowledge about the drugs long-term effects, and scientists continue to do studies on its medicinal properties and how it can be used favorably and avoid its adverse effects (NIDA). Perhap s with mixture magnitude research into the positive medical uses, patients can better enjoy the drug in a controlled environment. condescension the ban on use and trade of marijuana within the joined States, there has been a heave up in its use, particularly within colleges and universities. Marijuana abuse has mushroomed into both a social hazard for enforcing agencies and a steady social evil that is practiced with little caution or care of legal restrictions on its use and trade as its use has greatly spread over the years. According to the National bestow of Drug Abuse (2010), the trade in marijuana has grown into a multi-million dollar industry globally and this market seems to surpass social and demographic boundaries. Thus, this paper examines the causative agents for marijuana abuse in the United States with a focus on the user group consisting of college and university students and assessing the effects arising therein. The paper get out discuss the author and effect s of marijuana smoke and this will help in enabling students know how it affects their lives, and provide sensation to those at risk of smoking. Elaborating on the effects of marijuana use will help in deterring students from smoking marijuana as it will keep them informed on the negative effects it has on them and will provide awareness to potential smokers, hence, deterring them from starting the habit. Marijuana use has increased among the youngest age groups between the age of 12-17 in the United States and, especially, within the minority groups, such as Hispanics and African-Americans (NIDA). This also has been found to represent a shift upwards in both the abuse and dependency on other drugs (Gledhill-Hoyt , Lee and Strote 1657). more studies, such as the one by The Drug Abuse Warning Network, have provided positive correlativity towards this end, but I would draw a cautious line on this conclusion, since the consumption of marijuana qualification cause problems in the c onsumption of other substances. My own prognosis would be inclined towards the examination of this affinity based on the consideration that marijuana and other cases of substance abuse arise significantly out of the underlying problems within a subset of the particular individuals orientation, such as wanting to change moods, which will prompt an individual to smoke. The personality characteristics of the individual have been found to be attributable to marijuana use

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Intermediate Horsemanship Syllabus Essay Example for Free

Intermediate Horsemanship Syllabus EssayCourse ObjectivesThis course is designed to be a science lab class giving students maximal opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with sawbucks. This is a protraction of ADSC 2500L (Beginning Horsemanship) and will go into greater detail of advanced concepts regarding riding, training, and handling horses. This class assumes that students have a basal understanding of rider position. This class will focus on going into more detail on rider influence of the horse and training techniques for different disciplines.PrerequisitesADSC 2500L or a good basic supremacy of correct riding position and basic riding skills. Riders should be able to catch, groom, and saddle their horses independently, as advantageously as mount from the ground unassisted. Riders should also be able to ride comfortably at a walk, trot (jog), or ride horseback (lope) in order to be comfortable performing motions involved in the class.Physical requirements This class involves physical activity and inherent risk associated with working with horses. While we do everything come-at-able to ensure safety of students, there is always a risk of being injured while riding. In order to participate in this class, you will be required to sign a waiver release UGA of all liability associated with any injury you may sustain while participating in the class. I am not a doctor and cannot tell you what you be medically or physically everyplacet of doing based on pre-existing conditions, physical fitness, etcetera If you have concerns as to whether you can safely participate, delight see a licensed health care physician prior to participating in this class. At the very minimum, students will be required to saddle horses unassisted (requiring you to lift approximately 30 lbs over head) and be able to mount unassisted from the ground.AttireLong pants and boots with heels are required distributively day in order to participate. Approved helmets a re mandatory but will be provided. all(a) other equipment will be provided. If you choose to bring your own saddle, please do not blank out it at the Arenawe cannot be responsible for lost or damaged equipment. Please recognize that you are responsible for ensuring the safety and functionality of any equipment you choose to bring to use.TextThere is no required text edition for this class. I will often copy chapters from Centered move by Sally Swift (copyright 1985) as well as excerpts from related books, magazines, and journals. A list of tentative handouts for each week is provided on the syllabus.agenda (This is a tentative list of topics. Topics may be added or deleted as necessary to benefit the course) week 1 Jan 7-11 Introduction workweek 2 Jan 14-18 Basic position, correct use of hands practice bending, transitions, canter departures drill team exercises at the walk, trot, and canterBasic Horsemanship Required for Training Horses, fractional Halt How To, Half Halt in Cen tered Riding workweek 3 Jan 21-25 eruditeness collection and developing egotism carriage in horses, discussion of training aids such as martingales, draw reins, side reins, and types of bits exercise barrel archetypes to improve turnsBitting and Driving, Circles and Turns, Borrow A Trainer-Correct Bends on Curves and Squares, The Perfect Turn, Parts 23Week 4 Jan 28-Feb 1 Simple lead changes, work on correct bending, movement of posterior end and front end of horse exercises barrel patterns and serpentines through conesSuppling the HorseWeek 5 Feb 4-8 Riding for accuracy developing response time exercises continuation of barrel patterns and serpentines as well as pattern work with transitions, straight lines, circles, etc.Week 6 Feb 11-15 Extending and shortening the stride, learning stride control use poles, emphasis on self carriage and pace controlWalk and the Following Seat, lengthen Stride, Borrow a Trainer-Extending the lope and slowing back down, Jarring JogWeek 7 Feb 1 8-22 Collection and extension, use of poles, pole coursesBuilding Stronger BasicsBARSimple Changes on CourseMIDTERMFEB 20/21covers handouts thru week 6Week 8 Feb 25-Mar 1 Controlling the bend and stride of the horse using poles pole exercises on circleWeek 9 Mar 4-8 fast(a) lead changesFlying Change of LeadPresentationWeek 10 Spring BreakMarch 11-15Week 11 Mar 18-22 Counter canter and balanceChapter 10Counter lope, Confirm that Counter CanterWeek 12 Mar 25-29 Counter canter patterns incorporating canter, bending, counter canter Week 13 Apr 1-5 Learning lateral movements, moving parts independentlyLateral Work, Always a PleasureWeek 14 Apr 8-12 Teaching horses lateral movements and pivots Week 15 Apr 15-19 Trail courses to improve controlWeek 16 Apr 22-26 Practice dayApril 29Last day of class nett ExamM/W section Wednesday, May 1, 800-1100 amT/H section Thursday, May 2, 1200-300 pmGradingParticipation and progress25%*Midterm25%Final25%Final Project25%* will be determined by a % of days in class (i.e. no absences = 100%) lateness or non- interest will count as an absence for the day participation may at times acknowledge riding tests. Absences may be excused for medical or school related activities. In the event of an excused absence, these days will count neither for nor against your attendance grade. ***More than 5 absences (excused or unexcused) will result in a failing grade for the course. Final Project Video will be taken during different portions of the course. You will write a publisher to evaluate your riding. Paper should be a minimum of 2-3 pgs single spaced in length.Papers should include the following analysis of your riding strengths and weaknesses, analysis of what skills you have improved upon, analysis of your position and effectiveness as a rider including areas which you are strong and areas that you need to improve, specific examples (i.e., people in the class) who exemplify especially desirable riding skills that should be emulated (e.g. , Mary is particularly effective at controlling her horses pace using little hand movementperhaps this is due to correct position, stability of seat, etc. These are areas you can expand upon), analysis of the exercises done in class as to their effectiveness in improving your riding skills, other exercises you feel you should be doing to improve your riding techniques.