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Feasibility Analysis Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Feasibility Analysis Case Study - Essay Example This makes NPV a wiser option compared to leasing. Purchasing VoIP will also incur savings on maintenance costs too. The basic costs in acquiring VoIP include the initial setting up of the equipment which has to be purchased. It should be ensured that the equipment is in sync with the company’s existing system. Then the company’s employees are complete novices to this system. They will also have to be trained. That’s another additional cost that needs to be considered. The NPV cost for purchasing is inclusive of trouble shooting and IT assistance costs. (Vercilo, 2007) VoIP technology is growing really fast and is becoming a growing business world over. Companies are adapting fast to the new needs of customers. There are constant developments going on in both medium scale and large scale businesses for which both on –premise and hosted VoIP systems are provided. It is thus important and essential to keep up with the growing trend of technology adoption. Vo IP is the way towards future goals. The paradigms of the world are changing. A lot of major computer companies have already started to integrate VoIP. Some of the big wigs that have purchased VoIP include Yahoo and Google.

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Maya Angelou Essay Example for Free

Maya Angelou Essay As a woman you are created with a special gift, it’s like little extra ingredients that all women have within them. The poem â€Å"Phenomenal Woman† by Maya Angelou, she speaks about the elegance of a woman, her inner being the way she glow without saying a word Maya expressed how men are amazed by her presence â€Å"men themselves have wondered what they see in me† (line 31-32). It’s hard to put your finger on it all women were born with the power. In the poem â€Å"Still I rise† by Maya Angelou she described the struggles of life trials and tribulations you face in society and the way people may judge you. As if she was writing about a woman â€Å"does my sassiness upset you? †She also wrote in another stanza â€Å"does my sexiness upset you? †She used this comparison to show she is a sexy woman who demands respect. Maya’s attitude in this poem is portraying a confident black African American woman. She is really laughing at men challenging them. They cannot stop her from rising above all expectation. This poem gives you not only inspiration encouragement to be fearless; to the end of it all you must believe you still rise above it all. The title gives a sense of entity and power. This masterpiece the poem â€Å"phenomenal woman† has also empowered women to get more in touch with their inner beauty. Maya describes in great detail the mystery of women and the behavior of men and their reaction. It shows women to not only love your-self but to embrace every aspect of your mind, body and soul. Maya show that sexuality isn’t only related to outer beauty, or by the way you dress it more about how you feel within your own skin  she shows you instead of hating your body love it from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet. In society today women enhances their body by doing plastic surgery to feel accepted. She feels inferior clearly stating that every part of a woman is beauty. In comparisons to â€Å"Phenomenal Woman† and â€Å"Still I Rise† both poems Maya speaks about not bowing to the â€Å"oppressor†. You can feel her compassion in every word in Phenomenal Woman â€Å"now you understand why my head’s not bowed† (lines 47). Still I Rise forth stanza â€Å"with head bowed and eyes lowered?†, Within these lines she stresses that she will not conform to what society made her out to be, that she will soar above and beyond everyone expectations. The little gives a sense of entity and power. In conclusion these two poems have few similarities; Maya characterized the strength of an African American woman. By using powerful words she described the emotional aspect of inner beauty, standing proud professing no one will ever bring her down not by the color of her skin nor the fact of being a woman that there’s more within.

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee - The Importance of Atticus Finch :: Kill Mockingbird essays

The Importance of Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird  Ã‚  Ã‚   The core character of a novel is responsible for maintaining the stability of society within the novel, exhibiting qualities of a true hero, and constantly emphasizing the novel’s central themes.   In the classic, To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus Finch serves as the core of the novel by displaying a character of stability, humility, and high moral standards.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Atticus Finch is a character of stability in an unstable society.   He is a balanced figure who is able to cope with the unreasonable and highly emotional town in which he lives.   He can manage the prejudiced white masses and still deal justly with the underprivileged Negro population of Maycomb.   He is one of the few people who understand the individual worth of a person regardless of the color of his/her skin.   This enables him to defend Tom Robinson based solely on the concept of justice and equality.   In his closing argument, Atticus explains that, â€Å"there is one place all men are created equal.   That place is in a court room† (Lee 205).   This justifies the fact that Atticus believes in equality in a society, the equality not only of race, but also of sex, class, and religion as well.   His view of equality and justice is a symbol of his own psychological stability throughout the novel.   Accordingly, in the final analys is of the story, Atticus represents the â€Å"justice† in the community of Maycomb.   His stability throughout the book is one of the many characteristics that depict Atticus Finch as the novel’s core.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In a town of such undeserved glory, Atticus Finch is the one character who is worthy of glorification.   Yet, his humility further illustrates Atticus as a man of pure stability.   Surrounded by the self-righteousness of others, he is able to remain emotionally grounded.   Atticus Finch is a highly accomplished man of great intelligence, but even greater meekness.   For example, during one of their chats with Miss Maudie, Scout learns that her father’s childhood nickname was â€Å"Ol Shot† (Lee page #), which referred to his unbelievable marksmanship.   When Scout becomes excited about telling all of her friends about her father and his incredible talent, Jem says, â€Å"I'd reckon if he wanted us to know he’d a told us.   If he was proud of it he’d a told us†¦ but Atticus is a gentleman†¦and people in their right minds never take pride in their talents† (Lee 98).

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How successful is The Crucible as an allegory? Essay

In my coursework I will be discussing how successful the crucible is as an allegory. An allegory is defined as a story, poem, character in a story, or picture with a hidden connotation. The Crucible is a story set in Salem in the 1692 witch hunts. The play is based on the fear, suspicion, hysteria and paranoia which the people of Salem felt during the witch hunts. This is almost identical to what happened in America in the 1950s. Communism was at its all time peak and America was scared of Communism taking over their country, as it already had in Russia. The Americans panicked and they went fanatical with Hysteria. Everyone was accusing everyone. Almost everyone who was accused of being a communist was sentenced with a heavy punishment, usually a life sentence. No one felt safe; people were being accused for no good reason. This outbreak in paranoia is much like McCarthyism. McCarthyism was the situation in America during the 1950s. This could be why The Crucible is such an effective play. Salem was a very small religious town. It feared the unknown and anything that they found hard to explain. The community was very small and enclosed, scared of the world which was beyond theirs. This may be why the outbreak of paranoia occurred. Everyone seemed to know each other too well because in their society no-one seemed to mind their own business: The Salem folk believed that the virgin forest was the Devil’s last preserve, his home base and the citadel of his final stand. This shows how Salem was enclosed by the woods and therefore alone. The woods represent the fear surrounding Salem and it helps to show the danger from a different perspective. The most obvious allegory in the play is the link between 1950s America and McCarthyism. There are close similarities between Communism and witchcraft, in particularly how society was corrupted because of them. !692 in Salem and America during the 1950s are so alike in many ways. Miller based The Crucible directly on the situation in America. Both accusations of Communism and witch – craft tore apart the communities which they broke lose in. This is because they are the unexplained and you cannot prove that someone is a really a Communist or a witch. The reason people believed in witch craft was because there was so much which was still unexplained around the year 1692. They could not think up answers for things which were happening so they blamed everything on witchcraft. When Betty became sick, people started to talk and wander what was wrong with her. Suspicion over came Salem. When no one could explain what it was that was wrong with her, they realised that people holding a grudge could seek revenge by accusing others of being possessed or of being a witch. There were so many innocent people accused of practising witchcraft that it seemed the only way to get away with the accusation was to own up to being a witch, even though they weren’t. Sometimes the accusations went far. On page 47 of the crucible Reverend Hale and Parris begin to whip Tituba until she would own up to making contact with the devil, even though they have no solid evidence. This shows just how far they went through hysteria and suspicion of people practising witchcraft. A running theme throughout the play is people accusing each other and following others who establish themselves as a group leader, who to control the others. At the end of act one on pages 49 -50 you can see the link between McCarthyism and the Salem witch hunts. Here you can see how everyone is accusing everyone of being a witch. This is similar to the situation in America during the fear of the outbreak of Communism. Abigail: I saw Goody Hawkins with the Devil! Betty: I saw Goody Bibber with the Devil! Abigail: I saw Goody Booth with the Devil! The way that Abigail and Betty speak here makes the scene seem very dark and it really reflects what was happening in America during the outbreak of McCarthyism. People were accusing everyone and hysteria has broken lose. The way that the same phrase is repeated and said by different people a number of times is effective and helps to show that Salem is not the same and paranoia is setting in. Abigail is also shown as the leader of the girls and they all do as she tells them to. This is one of the first times this is clearly shown in the play. Miller uses many writing techniques in the play. He uses effective ways of showing hysteria and paranoia and the way he links McCarthyism is very well done. Miller introduces many characters into his stories, this makes it easier for him to show the effects of McCarthyism, it is easier for him to show how literally every one is accused at some point. During the play almost every character is accused and when you are accused it is hard to clear your name: Danforth: Mary Warren, how came you to this turnabout? Has Mr Proctor threatened you for this deposition?

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Theraputic Relationship

meantime I communicated with my best with her do that she felt comfortable. Asa result, she gave a good cooperation and enjoyed the meal until finished. In my evaluating, I feel I make the right decision to accompany and assistMrs. A in feeding. Furthermore, I could develop my nurse-patient relationship. Although McCabe (2004, p. 44) would describe it as a task-centredcommunication as one of the element caused the lack communication amongnurses, but I think my nurse-patient relationship communication both involved agood patient-centred communication and task-centred communication.In mypersonal opinion, I attended to Mrs. A as a patient to show my empathy becauseshe was unable to feed herself. It was also as my duty to feed her so that I couldmake sure the patient get the best care in the ward. So my involvement in thisnurse-patient relationship does not only restrict to the task-centredcommunication because (Burnard 1990, and Stein-Parbury 1993, cited inMcCabe 2002, p. 44) define att ending as a patient-centred process as wells as tofulfil the basic conditions as a nurse to provide the genuineness, warmth andempathy towards the patient.I was able to improve my non-verbalcommunication skills in my conversation with her during the feeding. As she washaving a hearing problem and could not communicate in the first languageproperly, so the non-verbal communication plays a role. Caris-Verhallen et al (1999, p. 809) state that the non-verbal communication becomes important whencommunicating with the elderly people who develop a hearing problem. Hollman et al (2005, p31) suggests some effective ways to maximize the communication 5 ith hearing impairment people such as always gains the person’s attentionbefore speaking, visible yourself to prevent them feel frighten and try to usesome sensitive touch. I feel this is a good experience to me because I learn todevelop my non-verbal communication. I used most of the body gesturersbecause of the language barrier was be ing a gap in my conversation with Mrs. A. She could speak very limited in the first language so I tried to speak in her dialect. Furthermore, Wold (2004, p. 6) mention that gesturers are one specifictype of non-verbal communication intended to express ideas and are useful for people who cannot use much words. However I also used my facial expressionsto advise her to finish the meal. It might be not so delicious because shewithdraws the meal after few scopes but I smiled and assured Mrs. A that it wasgood for her health to finish her meal. In addition, the facial expressions are mostexpressive which are not limited to certain cultural and age barriers (Wold, 2004,p. 6). Therefore my facial expression worked out to encourage her to finish themeal. Although I could not explain detail to her about the important nutrition dietthat she should take, but I could advocate her to finish the meal served becausethe meal was prepared according to her condition. In order to analysis of the event, I could evaluate that, my communicationskills are very important to provide the best nursing care to Mrs. A. Mycommunication with Mrs. A was the interpersonal communication.This isbecause the interpersonal communication is a communication which involved of two persons (Funnell et al 2005, p. 438). I realized that my nonverbal 6 communication did help me a lot in my duty to provide the nursing care to Mrs. A. Even though she could understand few simple words when I was asking her but Inoticed that one of the problems occurs within the communication was thelanguage barrier. As the patient was not using the official language and thesecond language, I tried to speak in her language. I still could manage thecommunication in our conversation.However, it was quite difficult to promote theeffective verbal communication with the patient. Besides, White (2005, p. 112)recommend that a nurse should learn a few words or phrases in the predominantsecond language to put a patient at ease for bett er understanding. Although itwas quite difficult but using the nonverbal simultaneously with the verbalcommunication did encourage her to speak on her best to make me understandher words. In the event showed that, there was a response from Mrs. A. when Iwas asking her questions. Funnel et al (2005, p. 38) point out that acommunication would occur when a person responds to a message received andassigns meaning to it. She nodded her head to assign that she agreed with me. Delaune and Ladner (2002, p. 191) explain that the channel is one of thecomponent of the communication process which act as a medium during themessage is sent out. In addition, Mrs. A also gave me a feedback that sheunderstood my message by transmitting the message via her body gesturers andeye behaviour. Thus I could consider that the communication channels used inmy conversation were visual and auditory.Delaune and Ladner (2002, p. 191)state a feedback is that the sender receives the information after the receiver react to the message. However, Chitty and Black (2007, p. 218) define feedback 7 is a response to a message. In my situation, I was a sender who conveyed themessage receiving the information from Mrs. A, the receiver who agreed to takelunch and allow me to feed. Consequently, I could analyse that mycommunication with Mrs. A involved of five component of communication processwhich are sender, message, channel, receiver and feedback (Delaune andLadner, 2002, p. 91). In a nutshell, for my reflection of this event explores about on how thecommunication skills play a role on the nurse-patient relationship in order todeliver the nursing care towards the patient especially the adult. She neededquite sometime to adapt the ability changes in her daily activities living where Iwas trying to help her in feeding. I was concerning my feeling and thoughtsduring the feeding so that I could improve more skills in my communication. Isuccessfully communicated with her effectively as she enjoyed finis hing themeal.So it is vital to build rapport with her to encourage her ability to speak upverbally and non-verbal. Moreover, this ability could help her to communicateeffectively with other staff nurses. Later, she would not be neglected because of her age or her disability to understand the information given about her treatment. (Hyland and Donaldson 1989, cited in Harrison and Hart 2006 p. 22) mention thatcommunication express what the patients think and feel. In order to communicatewith adult, it is important to assess her common communication language andher ability to interact in the other languages.As I used some words in her dialect,I essentially encouraged the patient to speak out verbally and communicate non- 8 verbal so that the message could be understood and do not break the nurse-patient communication. In my opinion, I evaluated that it does not a matter whether it was a patient-centred communication or task-centred communicationbecause both communication mentioned by M cCabe (2004) actually doesinvolves communication to the patients. So it was not a problem to argue whichtype of communication involves in my conversation with my patient.After analysed the situation, I could conclude that I was be able to know the skills for effective communication with the patient such as approach the patient, askingquestions, be an active listening, show my empathy and support the patientemotions (Walsh, 2005, p. 34). Actually helping the adult was a good practice indelivering the nursing care among adults. My action plan for the clinical practice in the future, if there were patientsthat I need to help in feeding or other nursing procedure, I would prepare myself better to handle with the patients who would have some difficulty incommunication.This is because, as one of the health care worker, I want thebest care for my patients. So in related to deliver the best care to my patients, Ineed to understand them very well. I have to communicate effectively as this is important to know what they need most during warded under my supervision as anurse. According to my experience, I knew that communication was thefundamental part to develop a good relationship. Wood (2006, p. 13) express thata communication is the key foundation of relationship. Therefore a goodcommunication is essential to get know the patient’s individual health status 9

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Enigma Machine essays

Enigma Machine essays The German Light Cruiser Magdaboard ran around the Baltic sea, the Russians that were in that area captured the ship and found in it the German Navy Secret code book. The British used it to decode German Navel messages, so that they would know what the Germans were going to do next. When the war was over the British told the world that they had found the Germans code book, which made the Germans realize that code books were not a good way of getting such important messages around. So they decided that In Berlin man made an encoding machine available on the market, named the Enigma Variations. You press a letter on the keyboard and a different letter is typed. Each time you press that letter the letter that comes out changes. It has so many approximately 3(10114) different variations. The Polish had the insight that the codes could be deciphered by mathematicians. Bartramp photographed the keys to break Enigmas codes, and sold them to the Polish. The Germans later added two more roters, and they found out that they needed help, so they brought a bunch of really smart people together to see if any of them could find a way to break the codes. One man found a way to build a machine that would take the encoded message and come up with every possible out come for it. And all they would need to do is look through them and find out the one that makes sense. All the mathematicians couldnt break it, and this was the only way that they found that was possible! "The work of Enigma required enormous concentration and at least eighty intercepts collected on the same day, using the same setting on the German cipher devices" [Kozaczuk]. This machine looks alot like a typewriter, but it has an extra panel built into the lid. Twenty-six circular glass windows in the panel, were the keys which had the letters of the alphabet on them, just like the ...

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STYLISTIC ANALYSIS OF A CUP OF TEA essays STYLISTIC ANALYSIS OF A CUP OF TEA To be honest, when I read the story, I thought how absurd this is. The first appearance of the story to me was just like this. But when I re- thought about some details I realised that the story is not that absurd. Above, it includes some social factors in it. And I think my assignment is going to be all about those details, because for me, truth always hides itself in details, so to analyse this story Im to deal with them. The story is all about Rosemary Fell, a rich, young and modern country woman and one of her shopping days. This day, and an extra-ordinary day it was, started after she got out from an antique shop with a little box in her mind, that she is planing to buy. What made this ordinary day, extra- ordinary came with a voice of a young, poor girl, Miss Smith. She was shyly asking money for a cup of tea. At the moment Rosemary couldnt believe her ears. How can someone doesnt have money, even for a cup of tea? She thought a little, and decided to make an invitation. She invited this young, poor girl to her home. After some insist, Miss Smith accepted this invitation. They went home and had some cup of tea, and chat for a while. It was a chat that mostly Rosemary talk and Miss Smith listen with tears in her eyes. Then Philip, the husband of Rosemary appeared. He was confused to see Miss Smith, because she is not like one of the other friends of Rosemary. Then he wanted to talk with h er and they went to the library. They had a conversation about the poor girl. Philip thought this situation is ridiculous, besides, he thought that Miss Smith is beautiful and pretty. This thought of Philip shocked Rosemary. She didnt look to her as Philip did. After she got out from the library she decided to give some money to her and let her go. Jealousy was the only reason for this. We can both understand her phys...

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How to Get the Most Out of SAT Math Practice Questions

How to Get the Most Out of SAT Math Practice Questions SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips You’ve lined up all your SAT math study material, but now how do you use these questions to their best effect? Getting the materials to study is only half the battle- making an effective study plan and knowing how to best execute it is the second, crucial step. We’ve put together a comprehensive plan on how to make use of the study materials you have at hand. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to best use your math practice problems and how to make the best study plan possible to boost your SAT math score. The Importance of Using Proper SAT Math Study Materials Before we start in on how to use the practice materials, it’s important to talk about what study materials to use. The SAT is a very specific kind of test and a good deal of the study material available online does a poor job of replicating it. The most accurate and highest quality study material will come from the College Board itself and only prep programs that truly base their questions off this material are worth your time. Always use the highest quality study material and practice problems so that you can get the best measure of how you’ll do on test day. If you study from inferior sources, you will have an inaccurate picture of how you’ll do (for better or worse), which will only hamper your study progress. We have gathered all the best free SAT study material and practice problems, so definitely start there for all your SAT math practice problem needs. Only the best SAT study materials are worth your time (so says Study Dog). How to Begin- Identifying Your Current Strengths and Weaknesses First things first, you need torun a diagnostic! Step 1:Take a Full-Length SAT Practice Test If you haven’t taken one already, start by taking a full practice testto gauge your current score and percentile. Though you may be more focused on improving your math score right now, you will still need to take a full test so that you can best replicate a real testing environment. You won’t truly know where your weaknesses or strengths on the test are without first taking the test. You also won’t know how your math scores fit into your larger test-taking picture if you only take the math sections by themselves. The SAT is a marathon and scores will fluctuate depending on your energy and concentration levels over the course of the entire test. So you’ll only get a full picture of your current levels if you take the complete test all together. This is a baseline, so be honest. Only then will you be able to tell where you’re starting and how far you have to go. So treat your practice runas you would the real test- adhere to the timing rules, don’t stop and look things up, and skip questions you don’t feel you can answer accurately. And, as you go through, make sure to mark your questions. Put a mark any time you feel unsure about a question and cross out any eliminated answer options. This will help you to identify patterns in your overall test-taking later. Step 2:Examine Your Test-Taking Patterns Once you’ve corrected your practice test, look at your spread of right and wrong answers. Are there any patterns to the distribution? There are two broad ways to categorizeyour mistakes: by location on the test and by type of content. See if you can organize your errors accordingly. There will be three SAT math sections on any given practice test, two that are entirely multiple choice and one that is a combination of multiple choice and grid-in. The multiple choice only sections are arranged in order of ascending difficulty, so the last problem of a math section will be much harder than the first question. On the combination multiple choice and grid-in SAT math section, the questions will go in ascending order of difficulty for the multiple choice and then will reset for the grid-in. So question 8 (multiple choice) will be much more difficult than question 10 (grid-in). What this all means is that if your errors on the SAT math sections mostly appear in certainlocations, your mistakes are probably related to the difficulty level of the problems. To spot patterns of location-based errors, ask yourself whether you are: Missing questions over the entire math section, seemingly evenly throughout? Missing mostly the grid-in questions? (For some students, the grid-in section is exponentially more difficult than the multiple choice section and can be a large source of lost points.) Missing several questions in the early range of the multiple choice or grid-in? (Though it is normal to miss some or even several questions on the overall SAT math section, try to carefully analyze and improve upon your mistakes in this earliest range. These earlier questions will be the quickest and "simplest" to solve for the whole math section and so will net you a nice cushion of points if you can grab them.) Missing questions in a cluster in the mid-range of each math section? (This is where the questions transition from "easy" to "medium-level" difficulty and that transition can trip many students up.) Missing mostly the last questions in each section? (These are the "high difficulty" questions and are difficult for most students.) You may also begetting questions wrong by topic. Take a close look at each of your errors to see if there is a topic-specific pattern to your errors. To spot trends incontent errors, ask yourself whether you are: Getting all or most questions wrong in a particular topic, no matter where the questions are located in the test? (E.g., are you missing allpolygonquestions, whether they appear as question 2 or question 20?) Getting questions wrong by topic only in the medium or high level difficulty? (For instance, can you solve your "easy"slopequestions, but miss all the "difficult" slope questions?) Having a seemingly even spread of right and wrong answers by topic throughout the test? (If you answered questions 4 and 14 onfunctionscorrectly, but missed question 9, it may have less to do with your understanding of functions as atopicand more to do with the phrasing of the question or the speed at which you were taking the test. Take a careful look at each problem to see if you can spot the pattern.) The less familiar you are with a particular math topic, the harder it will be to answer the variety of problems on it that you’ll see on the SAT. Take a look at ourindividual math guidesfor topic-specific help and practice questions for any of your SAT math topic problem areas. Most people will start out their SAT practice by missing a combination of location-specific and topic-specific questions, so don’t worry if your pattern starts out this way too. As you get more and more used to both the material and thewaythe SATteststhis material, you’ll narrow your range of wrong answers and increase your accuracy in both fields. Step 3: Make a List of Your SAT Math Strengths and Weaknesses Now that you’ve looked at your test-taking patterns, make a list on a separate piece of paper of all the math topics in which you missed questions. In addition, make a list of the types of errors you made. Why make a list of the type of error? There is a big difference between errors on the SAT math test- not knowing how to approach a question at all is very different than misreading a question. You’ll need to examine exactly what kinds of errors you’ve made so that you can learn to avoid them in the future. Types of errors include: Finding the wrong variable or final value This is one of the most common errors, especially on problems where you must find an "unusual" final answer. For instance, the problem may ask you to find the value of 2x for your final solution, when your natural instinct is to find the value of x alone. Misreading the question This can include misreading any value or variable in the overall question or simply misreading what the question is asking you to do. For example, in a word problem, did you mix up "Tom" and "Tina"? Did you read "subtract" as "square"? It is easy to make assumptions or to mix up similar words if you're going too quickly through your problems. Stopping your solve too early or too late In a problem that requires multiple steps, you may accidentally find yourself stopping a step or two too early or going a step or two too far. For instance, if you are tasked with finding the 12th number in a sequence and you're counting by hand, you might accidentallyfind the th or 13th number in the sequence instead. Many answer choices are generated by this type of error, so be extra cautious in only taking the exact number of steps necessary. Not knowing how to approach the question at all Whether it's the wording of the question or the math topic involved, sometimes you'll find yourself completely flummoxed. You may not know how to set up the solve to the problem in the slightest, or you may try and fail to set up the solve. Either way, this is a problem that leaves you stymied. Mixing up or forgetting your formulas Though you will be given a formula box, it can be easy to misremember or mix up your formulas in the heat of the moment. If you need to find the area of a circle, make sure you're using the area formula and not the circumference formula. Note: don’t take â€Å"careless errors† like misreading the question or finding the wrong final value lightly! The SAT is designed to make you make these kinds of errors, so don’t just assume you’ll make the correct choices next time. You’ve got to commit yourself to slowing down and identifying what the question is truly asking you. Always double check to make sure your answer matches exactly what they’re asking you to find. You've lined 'em up, now let's knock 'em down! How to Proceed: Using SAT Math Practice Questions to Raise Your Score You’ve got your baseline, so how do you use your practice material to up your score? Let’s take a look. 1) Now that you’ve identified your areas of strength and weakness, take the time to brush up on those math topics that lie in your weak zone. It’s not enough to assail yourself with practice problem after practice problem if you still don’t understand the material- you must first understand both the ins and outs of the particular math topic as well as how you’ll see it tested on the SAT. Our SAT math guidesare tailored to reflect and demonstrate how each topic is presented on the SAT, so you won’t have to waste time reading and memorizing more strategies and facts than you absolutely need to. This way, you’ll also keep your practice problems â€Å"fresh.† It’s no use throwing yourself against a wall of function problems if you’ve never studied functions in school. It will only leave you with no new material to study from once you’ve brushed up on how to solve function problems. Practice will only help you so much if you don’t know how to even approach a particular topic. Only then, once you’ve learned what you need to learn, will your practice problems solidify the knowledge in your head and get you to where you need to be- polishing up your topic skills so that you’re ready for test day. 2) When you do find practice questions, always try to solve them yourself first without looking to the answer. When looking over new problems, don't just look at the problem and go immediately to the answer. The answer explanation might make sense and even make you feel as though you would have been able to solve the problem yourself, but this feeling can be deceiving. Solving a puzzle yourself and understanding how a puzzle was solved require two entirely different parts of your brain. Always (always!) try to solve a problem yourself first and commit to an answer choice, before you look up the answer. Even if your answer choice is that you would skip it if you saw it on test day, it is better to make a decision, rather than imbuing yourself with false confidence in your current abilities. Remember- you can only improve if you have an accurate picture of your current skill level. 3) Once you’ve brushed up on the topic, take practice problems in multiples at a time, as if you were truly working on the test. As you solve your practice questions, don’t solve questions one at a time and stop to look up the answer after each one. Though you may be tempted to know exactly how well you've done after solving each problem, this kind of pacing does NOT give you an accurate picture of how you’ll do on test day and can hamper your progress. (Remember: you won’t be able to verify whether your answers are correct or not on test-day- you simply have to do your best and move forward on multiple questions at a time.) Even if you don’t always sit down to take a full test or a full math section at once, it is still better to answer two or three questions at a time than it is to simply answer one. 4) If a topic can use multiple solving methods for its problems, try all the different ways in order to find the one most comfortable for you. Many questions can be solved in several different ways. Plugging in answers and plugging in numbers are strategies that work for a large variety of questions, but there are others as well. For instance, systems of equations questions can be solved by graphing, subtraction, or substitution, while sequence and distance questions can be solved via formulas or by working them out by hand. These are just some examples, and each of our guideswill go into further detail. The point remains that most every SAT question is purposefully designed to be solved in multiple ways and different methods work best for different people. So once you’ve finished solving your set of problems, go back and solve them again using a different strategy. Compare this to the first time- which method did you like better? Which was faster? Which made you feel the most confident in your answer? 5) Pace yourself (and your practice questions) Though it may be tempting to get your studying out of the way, do NOT cram all your studying in one go! Improvement happens over time and you must pace yourself to get the most out of your prep time. In addition, if you blow through all your practice problems at once, you won't have anything else to work with fresh. Again, solving a puzzle yourself and understanding how a puzzle was solved are two very different concepts, so try to pace out your fresh material and your review material so that you can use both parts of your brain in your study prep. 6) Sign up for a test-prep program if you feel you need more material than the free practice questions available. If you feel you’ve exhausted your free study material, then definitely sign up for a test-prep program or buy one of the official study guides available, like the Official SAT Study Guide. Not only can a prep program provide you with additional material, but can also help you make the most out of your study time. Our SAT study program at PrepScholar automatically targets your areas of strength and weakness and tailors your studying to you and your needs. No need to assess your patterns yourself- we’ll do all the work for you! There are many paths for doing well on your SAT and, with experimentation and diligence, you'll find the best one for you. The Take-Aways The SAT is unlike most tests you’ll ever come across- it is long, tricky, and very specifically designed. Going into it blind (or poorly prepared) rarely ends well for anyone. The more you can prepare, and the better that preparation is, the better you’ll do on the test, hands down. So make sure your study material always comes from the best sources and that you use this material to its absolute best effect while studying. Your goal is to train your brain to look at and solve puzzles in the way that the SAT wants you to, and most people can only do so with focused effort and practice. Always remember that success on the SAT is entirely doable and, indeed, trainable. Once you know how to hone your focus and target specific areas to study, you’ll be mastering your SAT math questions in no time. What’s Next? You've taken a look at your SAT test-taking patterns, so now it may be time to check out ourindividual SAT math guidesto help you brush up on any topic that was not too familiar to you. Running out of time on the SAT math section?If you found that you didn't have enough time to finish your SAT math sections, check outour guide for how to beat the clock and maximize your SAT math score. Unsure about your SAT math formulas?Make sure you know which formulas you'll be given and which you'll have to memorizeand thencheck out how to use that knowledge to its best effect. Looking to get a perfect score?Ourguide to getting a perfect 800 on SAT math(written by a perfect-scorer!) will help get you to where you need to be. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points? Check out our best-in-class online SAT prep program. We guarantee your money back if you don't improve your SAT score by 160 points or more. Our program is entirely online, and it customizes what you study to your strengths and weaknesses. If you liked this Math strategy guide, you'll love our program.Along with more detailed lessons, you'll get thousands ofpractice problems organized by individual skills so you learn most effectively. We'll also give you a step-by-step program to follow so you'll never be confused about what to study next. Check out our 5-day free trial:

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The Days Of The School Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Days Of The School Life - Essay Example Well, bullies usually feel good about their actions while the victims, on the other hand, are tied to the beliefs that they cannot escape this fate/bullying. I came to believe that this is what keeps bullying going at school and in other environments. While interventions are great, I know that from my experience that bullies are tied to social groups that crown these bullies with dominance and success. The society at large also believes in aggressive and controversial maneuvers as ways of achieving dominance and success. I believe that despite this, it is possible to end bullying. The best way to do this is to make bullies aware of their aggressive actions, and the pain the actions cause on their peers. In addition, victims should also be encouraged and made aware that change can always happen.Change in the bullying culture can be spearheaded by all of us. Even fourth graders can do it. Parents too can take part in effecting this change. We can all partner and promote campaigns again st bullying. These campaigns can allow kids and even adults who have once undergone bullying in their lives or are undergoing bullying to tell their stories so as to create awareness to everyone on the damaging effects of bullying, thus encourage them into taking action against this act. Young people can also hold meetups and discuss the impact of bullying, as well as create more solutions to bullying. The solution to bullying is a community-wide thing. Blaming bullies or being on their necks is not the way out of this problem.

Reply 1 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reply 1 - Coursework Example Unfortunately, he does not succeed in creating a creature that would be accepted by mankind and live harmoniously with other people. The wrath that the character possesses can be associated with harsh treatment that it receives from humans and lack of someone responsible to mentor it in acquiring social skills. It says, â€Å"All men hate the wretched; how then must I be hated, who am miserable beyond all living things!† (Shelley, ch.10, pg.83). Frankenstein fails to take responsibility for mentoring his creature to start thinking positively about its nature. He abandons it; a factor that exposes it to harsh treatment by other human beings, and also loneliness. Therefore, it starts to hate itself and humankind for the hardships of life that it experiences. Moreover, Frankenstein does not make any effort to defend his creature from being mistreated by other people within the society. He lets live miserably and starts blaming it for anything that goes wrong in his life. For instance, there is no substantial evidence to link the creature with the death of his brother. It is the hate that he has for the creature that makes him think that it handled the murder. He does not consider what if the creature visited the place where William died to mourn the death of its creator’s sibling because it would not be allowed to attend his burial

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This for East Asian paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

This for East Asian paper - Essay Example The country has a population of more than 1.35 million with 22 provinces, two special administrative states, Macau and Hong Kong and four directly controlled states which are Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Tianjin. The country is the second biggest nation in the world as computed by the land area covered with an area of 9.6 million square kilometers. The selected topic is considered to be relevant and suitable for study because of the tremendous growth that China has experienced over the years, the complexities inherent to the country and the impressive strategies used by the country to deal through the various economic fractures and downturns faced by it over the years of its existence. The word Chinese refers to anything that is related to the country China and its people, culture, ethnicity or language. Chinese from the perspective of an individual refers to any person who is an inhabitant or resident of China or an individual who belongs to the Chinese ancestry. Chineseness refers to the state of having the unique characteristics pertaining to China including its culture, ethnicity, language, political and social aspects etc. (Leutner 404). The culture of China is one of the oldest cultures in the history of the world. The significant components of the Chinese culture are music, architecture, martial arts, religion, ceramics, visual arts and cuisine. The culture of China is dominant over wide geographical regions in the eastern parts of China. The traditions and customs of China vary greatly in towns, cities and provinces. The traditional culture of China is spread over wide geographical territories in which each region is divided into separately identifiable sub cultures. Each of these regions is represented by at least three ancestral components related to the ancient Chinese customs and traditions. For example, ancient cities like Guangdong

Should companies be required to be more Green (environmentally Research Paper

Should companies be required to be more Green (environmentally friendly) even if it costs more - Research Paper Example In some countries such as China, the issue of environmental pollution is so serious that if not checked, it could reverse the economic gains achieved over the years. This clearly shows that environmental protection should become a priority especially for companies, which contribute significantly to environmental pollution. Accordingly, companies should be required to be environmental friendly even if it is a costly venture. One of the reasons why companies should be required to become environmental friendly is that growth which is achieved at the expense of the environment will only be short term. In degrading the environment and depleting natural resources, a company’s success can only be short term, since such resources are needed for future production. In this case, protecting the environment also protects a company’s long-term productivity. Companies should therefore ensure that their activities do not harm the environment in order to achieve sustainable development. Although environmental protection is quite costly, the cost of reversing the effects of environmental degradation may be higher for a company (EPA). Companies should also be required to become environmental friendly because it is also beneficial for them. As people’s awareness of environmental pollution rises, they look out for companies that show concern for the environment. Consequently, customers or clients will be more likely to purchase products or services from companies which are actively engaged in environmental protection. A company that is environmental friendly will therefore retain its existing customers, while acquiring new ones. In the end, this has a positive impact on a company’s productivity, which outweighs its costs in environmental protection (Scherzer). As seen from the text, environmental protection is a costly venture, thus companies maybe unwilling to become environmental friendly. In order to make this requirement a reality, policymakers

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Vietnam War Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Vietnam War - Term Paper Example Moreover, it can further be explained that the United States intervention in the Vietnam Wars revealed the earlier impacts of domino impact in Southeast Asia during and at the end of the wars. Domino theory application on the United States involvement in Vietnam wars France began conquering and colonizing Indochina in the late 1850s. It fully colonized Vietnam by 1893 and through the 1884 Treaty of Hue, France declared to rule Vietnam for the next seven decades. Despite the strong military resistance especially by the Can Vuong by 1888, the Southeast Asia became the colony of France. Several Vietnamese resistance movements were formed to oppose the France colonial rule, but none of them was as successful as the Viet Minh common front, managed by the Communist Party of Vietnam (Birkland, 2010). This party was founded by the Chinese Nationalist Party and the United States to oppose Japanese existence. Japanese collaborated with France after France invasion of French Indochina during the World War II. The French managed the affairs of the colony while power was in the hands of the Japanese colonial government. Vietnam Minh was founded on May 1941 to take power from France and also to evict the Japanese occupants. It received support from the Chinese national party and U. S to destabilize Japanese influence over Vietnam. Japan and France collaboration rule in Vietnam went on until the Germans were moved out of France and the French colonial government began holding secret talks with the Free French (Hall, 2007). On 9th March 1945, Japanese army decided to evict all the French from Vietnam after fearing they could no longer trust them. They then took the full control of Vietnam under Bao Dai. Viet Minh fought against the Japanese and defeated them in August 1945. The Japanese surrendered unconditionally creating a power vacuum which gave the Viet Minh an opportunity to enter and grasp power in â€Å"August Revolution† (Burgan, 2006) . The Japanese colonial government supported Vietnam Minh to get rid of French by helping them to imprison all the French officials and surrendering all t heir weapons to them. Viet Minh leader, Ho Chi Minh, declared independence Democratic Republic of Vietnam before a crowd of people in Hanoi on 2nd September 1945. Major allied victors of World War II, however, declared that the Southeast Asia was still under French colonial government. France re-establishment in Vietnam was slow since they had no weapons, soldiers and ships to immediately overtake Vietnam. Super powers therefore, gave the British government to occupy the south. The British troops landed and began rearming French army and part of the remaining Japanese troops in order to support them in retaking southern Vietnam (Birkland, 2010). The British troops left Vietnam on 26th March 1946 and left the power in the

The use of hypnosis in pre-conception and early pregnancy problems Literature review

The use of hypnosis in pre-conception and early pregnancy problems - Literature review Example Stress is one of the main road blocks that develop when a couple is unable to conceive and this further exacerbates the problem. Clinical hypnosis is a way to calm the nerves and make the patient feel like they're in control of the situation. Clinical hypnosis is being used to help women through all stages of conception and pregnancy as discussed in the following lines; Natural Conception: Hopeful parents never turn to IVF before having explored all options in natural conception. About ten percent of the couples having difficulty to conceive are being diagnosed with 'unexplained infertility'. The purpose that hypnosis serves here, has to do with the basic definition of it, it reduces stress and helps clean out the negative thoughts culminating in the couples. It is believed that what we think has an effect on our physical selves, so hypnosis is being used to keep all those fears at bay. In Vitro Fertilization: In Vitro Fertilization is a route that many people take when natural conce ption doesn't work. It's a well known fact that IVF takes a toll physically, emotionally as well as financially. A study conducted by Professor Eliahu Levitas and his team (2004) at Soroka Hospital, Israel,the success rate of IVF treatment can possibly be doubled using various hypnosis techniques. The professor's research was focused on the effect of hypnosis during the embryo transfer. Patients were asked to think of pleasant experiences during the embryo transfer and a hypnotic state was induced by a therapist during the procedure. After the procedure was done, patient was instructed to be calm and positive before breaking the hypnosis. The results of this study indicated that twenty eight percent of the couple undergoing ET with hypnosis had successful implantations as compared to the controls where it was merely 14% (Levitas, 2006:1404-1408). Hyperemesis Gravidarum: Now moving on to early pregnancy problems, one of the most common problems that gets women hospitalized in their f irst trimester is Hyperemesis Gravidarum. "HEG is a clinical diagnosis characterized by severe and intractable vomiting and it often associated with weight loss, ketonuria, dehydration, metabolic alkalosis, and electrolyte disturbances." (Nayeri, 2012:22). It is a serious problem that must be quickly diagnosed and then treated, since it can deteriorate and harm the mother and the foetus if not taken care of. Diagnosis: Diagnosis is done with a 2 tiered approach, physical and chemical. Physical examination should include weight, temperature, blood pressure, heart rate etc but importantly, signs of dehydration should be looked for - like dry mucous membranes and poor skin turgor. Although HEG is diagnosed clinically, some laboratory investigations may be helpful like urine ketones, urine specific gravity and serum electrolytes to detect any derangements in the volume status. Other blood tests can be done to exclude any other diseases (Nayeri, 2012:24). Management: Management of HEG in volves a few objectives, like lessening the nausea, correcting dehydration and any other electrolyte imbalances along with it, and maintaining maternal weight. There are two types of measures that can be taken, pharmacological and non-pharmacological. To start with, considerable evidence has accumulated that intake of multivitamins during the period of conception and

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Vietnam War Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Vietnam War - Term Paper Example Moreover, it can further be explained that the United States intervention in the Vietnam Wars revealed the earlier impacts of domino impact in Southeast Asia during and at the end of the wars. Domino theory application on the United States involvement in Vietnam wars France began conquering and colonizing Indochina in the late 1850s. It fully colonized Vietnam by 1893 and through the 1884 Treaty of Hue, France declared to rule Vietnam for the next seven decades. Despite the strong military resistance especially by the Can Vuong by 1888, the Southeast Asia became the colony of France. Several Vietnamese resistance movements were formed to oppose the France colonial rule, but none of them was as successful as the Viet Minh common front, managed by the Communist Party of Vietnam (Birkland, 2010). This party was founded by the Chinese Nationalist Party and the United States to oppose Japanese existence. Japanese collaborated with France after France invasion of French Indochina during the World War II. The French managed the affairs of the colony while power was in the hands of the Japanese colonial government. Vietnam Minh was founded on May 1941 to take power from France and also to evict the Japanese occupants. It received support from the Chinese national party and U. S to destabilize Japanese influence over Vietnam. Japan and France collaboration rule in Vietnam went on until the Germans were moved out of France and the French colonial government began holding secret talks with the Free French (Hall, 2007). On 9th March 1945, Japanese army decided to evict all the French from Vietnam after fearing they could no longer trust them. They then took the full control of Vietnam under Bao Dai. Viet Minh fought against the Japanese and defeated them in August 1945. The Japanese surrendered unconditionally creating a power vacuum which gave the Viet Minh an opportunity to enter and grasp power in â€Å"August Revolution† (Burgan, 2006) . The Japanese colonial government supported Vietnam Minh to get rid of French by helping them to imprison all the French officials and surrendering all t heir weapons to them. Viet Minh leader, Ho Chi Minh, declared independence Democratic Republic of Vietnam before a crowd of people in Hanoi on 2nd September 1945. Major allied victors of World War II, however, declared that the Southeast Asia was still under French colonial government. France re-establishment in Vietnam was slow since they had no weapons, soldiers and ships to immediately overtake Vietnam. Super powers therefore, gave the British government to occupy the south. The British troops landed and began rearming French army and part of the remaining Japanese troops in order to support them in retaking southern Vietnam (Birkland, 2010). The British troops left Vietnam on 26th March 1946 and left the power in the

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Using of rTMS and antidepressant drugs Simultaneously To increase the Essay

Using of rTMS and antidepressant drugs Simultaneously To increase the therapeutic efficacy for patients with psychotic depression - Essay Example Psychotic depression is a fairly common psychiatric condition that has been found to occur in nearly 20% of patients with major depression (Flores et al., 2006). The preferred treatment for psychotic depression so far has consisted of tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) as also neuroleptic and electroconvulsive therapies (O’Neal et al., 2000). Patients with psychotic depression have a more severely disordered hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPA) axis (Kathol et al., 1989). The psychotic features of psychotic depression have been attributed also to excessive glucocorticoid activity (Schatzberg et al., 1985). Interestingly, HPA axis activity is, to a large extent, regulated by the combination of mineralocorticoid receptors (MR) and glucocorticoid receptors (GR) (Spencer et al., 1998; Young et al., 2003). Any mismatch between them could lead to inappropriate responses to stress, and incidence of major depression (Young et al., 2003). Decreases in MR sensitivity postulated to occur in major depression could result in elevated cortisol levels (Gesing et al., 2001; Young et al., 2003). In contrast, GR gives rise to feedback modifications in response to rising levels of cortisol as, for example, in response to stress or following the circadian rhythm. Hence, a GR antagonist e.g., the anti-progesterone steroid mifepristone (dimethylaminophenyl (17(-hydroxy-11(1(4-dimethylaminophenyl) 17(1- propynyl)estra-4,9-dien-3-one) exerts a powerful effect in the rising section of the HPA axis (Flores et al., 2006). A major effect of mifepristone occurs through obstruction of GR in crucial regions of the brain and in monaminergic nuclei, thereby, directly leading to recovery of symptomatic and cognitive faculties. First observed by Bickford et al.(1987) to trigger transient mood elevation in normal subjects receiving single-pulse stimulations to the motor cortex, the technique of non-invasive repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation

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Runaway Girl by Carissa Phelps Essay Example for Free

Runaway Girl by Carissa Phelps Essay In Runaway Girl by Carissa Phelps the reader knows from the beginning that the main character, Carissa, cant stand discipline and runs away when authority steps in her way. Nevertheless, she creates friendships with people she thinks she can trust, but only ends up getting hurt by their dishonesty and greediness. Carissa is a rebellious, stubborn, independent child who grows into something amazing after all the dramatic tragedies that took part in her life. Carissa is rebellious from the start. She transitions from being scared to go to school on the first day, to yelling a few weeks later, â€Å"Fuck you†, to a substitute teacher. Not to mention Carissas hormones are kicking in and shes crushing on this kid Fernando on the football team and, ends up staying out all night just to come home to getting yelled at and getting grounded. Carissa doesnt agree with such punishment so in turn , she ends up running away. The worst of Carissas deception is her plan on figuring out wheres shes going to stay, what shes going to eat, her struggle of fighting to stay alive, and more importantly what the cops have to say about her running away. As a child Carissa had poor judgment on the real world. When she was on her own, she thought that she was invincible and nothing bad could ever happen to her until, she met Icey. He changed Carissas life in less than a heart beat. Carissa went from being the boss of herself while being a runaway to being a black mans prostitute at the age of 12. Carissa wasnt in control of her own well-being anymore, Icey was. Carissa merely followed Iceys instructions especially because she despised him so greatly, but she thought that he cared about her because he fed her and bought her things and talked to her ever so sweetly, compared to the other girls. All of this was stopped when the people Carissa despised ,for busting her every time she ran away, came to her rescue when Icey screwed up by stealing a car. She soon learned that authority was just there to help her and free her of Iceys control. At juvenile hall Carissa met someone that helped change her life forever. His name was Ron. He was the counselor at Wakefield and just by handing a spiral notebook over to Carissa and telling her to write in it and â€Å"tell her story†, Carissas life was soon on its way to a new beginning.

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Examining The Use Of Motion Capture Film Studies Essay

Examining The Use Of Motion Capture Film Studies Essay Motion capture is a technique that records movements for fields like entertainment, sports, and medicine; it is the process of animating a virtual character through the means of capturing live motion of a human. Motion capture is normally used in games to animate characters and other objects by recoding motion from the human character that normally involves tracking sensors that has been placed in major body parts that require maximum motion and detecting their locations in three dimensional spaces. Motion capture captures human body, facial expressions, camera and lighting positions, and other elements. It measures position and direction and recording by computers. Motion capture for computer animation requires the use of human motion to be implanted onto the motion of the compute. There are two classes of motion capture technology, they are the on-line motion capture devices, and off-line motion capture devices. The on-line motion capture device wherein its main technology is based on magnetic sensors thatare mainly used for virtual reality and online television shows with artificial characters. The off-line motion capture device on the other hand wherein its main technology is based on optical motion capture from different camera views, off-line motion capture devices allow capturing of large motions that are important to maintain outstanding visual effects, it also allows the acquiring of delicate motion to properly convey motion. Motion capture is limited to movements that are possible, but it creates natural movements than manual animation and it saves more time. Before motion capture was even possible, rotoscoping was used and is still being used by some traditional animation studios to copy motion from films to cartoon characters. Many cartoon studios use rotoscoping, but only a few admit that they use it because they consider it cheating and a desecration of the art of animation. (Menache, 2000, p.2).In the Walt Disney film Snow White, Snow White herself and her prince were rotoscopedin 1937. The rotoscoping device was invented on 1915 by Max Fliescher to make production of cartoon films automated. The rotoscoping device projected live action film frame by frame then places on a lighted table to allow the artists to trace the image into paper. The idea of copying human motion for animated characters is of course, not new, they decided to use rotoscoping to create realistic human motion. Motion capture started in bio mechanic research then moved to education, sports, computer animation, and finally video games as technology evolved and is s till evolving until now. Rotoscoping today is still being used in visual effects and character animation. It was originally developed in the early days of cell animation; it can be considered a form of time-delayed motion capture. (Kerlow, 2003, p.338). Two dimensional rotoscoping is used for hand drawn cartoons, while the three dimensional rotoscoping gave birth to what we now call motion capture. Motion is anything that forms a before and after position, without this, motion is not even possible. Motion capture first requires a motion that is recorded for the skeleton fitting post-processing, second the artist will repeat and repeat the motion that should be taken until the director is satisfied, third is the post processing which its first stage is motion tracking which is used to detect the motion through the joints, and the last stage is the anatomic conversion, it produces the character s motion without interrupting the original motion. There are twocategories of human motion: pose estimation and tracking. Pose estimation is formulated as the inference of the articulated human pose from a single image. (Sigal, 2006, p. 3) Tracking is formulated as inference of the human pose over a set of consecutive image frames throughout the image sequence. ( Sigal, 2006, p.3)Motion capture cannot be produced when the human character cannot exhibit that certain motion, and if the motio n was not captured. Once the captured session or data did not meet its requirements or standards, it cannot be fixed for motion capture can only produce and capture live motion, instead the user should recapture the motion where the data went wrong. Captured motion must first be developed in many ways before being applied to robots that are human like. Proper alignment of body parts is essential in order to get the proper animation of the model, or else something might go wrong in the future. Motion capture is a software that captures human motion to make computer games and computer animation more realistic and true to life by requiring the user or the character to place magnetic sensors in any part of the body that detect individual position and orientation relative to the generator. There are different types of motion capture system: Electrical motion capture, Magnetic motion capture, and optical motion capture. Electrical motion capture uses technology that tracks motion from sensors using magnetic fields, normally one sensor per body part is enough, a magnetic motion capture, on the other hand, is a technique that is based on receivers that detect magnetic fields. In order to capture the human character s motion, magnetic motion capture uses magnetic sensors that measure relationships in space to a nearby transmitter magnetically,a magnetic sensor measures the position and orientation that is in relation to a transmitter, it requires the human character to wear magnetic sensors around his/her body that are capable of measuring their relationship to a centrally located magnetic transmitter (Alonso, N.D, p.55), and lastly, optical motion capture system, it is a motion capture system that is very accurate and is typically based on a single computer. It is usually used for medical applications and is usually places near the joints for humans and animals. An optical motion capture system does not need wirings because they depend on optical markers that are tracked visually. Optical systems plan positions of cameras in order to track down information. All most all of the optical capture systems can track reflective markers. An optical marker is a reflective ball that allowsa camera to track motion in space. In order to create the 3D position of the object, the system combines information of the different shots taken from different views from different cameras. Optical motion capture has been used to recover the fidelity of the motion of strolling adults, playing children and other lifelike activities. (Boulic, N.D. p.1) The motion capture system is also classified as the outside-in, inside-out, and inside-in system. These systems are where the capture sources and sensors are placed. The outside-in system is placed on the body and by collecting data; it uses external sensors, examples of which are camera based tracking devices. The inside-out system on the other hand collects external sources from sensors that are placed on the body. Lastly, the inside-in system, which sensors and sources are placed on the body, examples of which are electromechanical suits. Applications that have big benefits from motion capture are industries like medicine, sports, entertainment, and the law. Motion capture is also used in other fields like crash test dummies wherein motion capture is required for automobile safety tests. Non-entertainment applications for motion capture on the other hand are sports, medicine, and physical rehabilitation. Motion capture in medicine is used for gait analysis, which is useful in medicine for it makes it easy to detect certain abnormalities and changes by accurately separating the different mechanism during the cycle ofwalk by generating biomechanical data. Gait analysis is also used to determine treatment for pathological conditions. It is also used in applications like joint mechanics, sports medicine, prosthetic design, and analysis of the spine. Motion capture in sports is used to improve the performances of the athletes to analyze and study their movements to improve them and reserve them for future use. There are some motion capture studios that specialize in capturing motion for anything sport related especially for golf, which is very essential to golfers because every inch of his/her swing is analyzed to find and improve on areas, also is compares his/her swing to that of a professional. Motion capture in sports is better than actually videotaping the movement because the normal speed of a video tape is at 30 frames per second, while motion capture is capable of recording higher frequencies, meaning much more motion is recorded. Motion capture in the entertainment industry is the segment with the highest (of not the largest) profile especially for video games which is the most widespread and the most accepted in the entertainment application. Motion capture for video games is a very used system that requires live human motion. As game engines become faster, motion capture is also maturing. (Menache, 2000, p.34). Motion capture for films mainly involves stunts that are not humanly possible, by using realistic motion and extras like large crowds which are digitally generated to simulate a large number of crowds. Motion capture in law, on the other hand, is mainly used for evidence. The evidence used provides aid and support to help the jury understand the statement of facts and opinion form the witness, by means of action and facial expressions in order to get the case solved. Out of 50 people, 8 disagreed to the statement that motion capture is useful in fields like medicine and the entertainment industry, 6 people agreed, and 21 people were uncertain. This is probably because people do not know much about motion capture that they don t notice it in certain field. Before deciding to use motion capture, the user should think if the decided motion is possible for a human or an animal to handle. Also, the user should state the expectations and the demands as early as possible so that all of the user s concerns are addressed. The user should also think about the amount and size of markers to be used depending on a given situation so that the markers won t fall off or move around during the session knowing that a performer needs to wear markers that are near joints to easily identify motion. In order to capture simultaneous motion information, the user should equip the human character with the typical tight fitting black motion capture suit so that the markers will not move rather than just attaching invisible adhesive tape to get the natural look of the clothes as it moves. In order to create a virtual character, one must first identify the performer s motion. Always remember that motion capture takes time to produce and that you cannot fix a mist ake, instead you must redo it. If you decide to do facial and body motion for a character, you will need two separate setups, but you may also have one setup for each character, always remember that motion capture requires a frame of reference. Before getting a human actor to perform all the motion for the motion capture, a script and a blue print must be done first. After which, provide the human actor with the script and the blue prints in advance and tell everything about the character to the human character to avoid misunderstandings in the future. Rehears the motions first without the motion capture sensors so that the human actor will get familiarized and comfortable with his/her role; once the actor is already comfortable and is familiar with the role, get the human actor comfortable with the motion capture sensors that will be all around his/her body soon, always remember that preparations are still needed whether you have an in-house system or are hiring service provider. (Menache, 2000, p.88) in order to create motion capture, one needs to have experience. Out of 30 people, a majority agreed to the statement, while a minority either disagreed or were uncertain about the statement.This is probably because when crea ting something, one must have an experience, or else nothing productive will happen. Motion capture must be and must always be precise about the sizes of the character. If the computer model has different proportions from the subject, weird things may occur, an example is that a feet entering the floor because the characters legs are longer than that of the human actors legs. Motion capture requires motion that follows the laws of physics, otherwise it cannot be presented.12 out of 30 people are uncertain about this statement, this may imply that they are not sure whether it is possible to make motion out of anything that do not follow the rules of physics, 16 out of 30 people on the other hand agreed that movements that do not follow the laws of physic cannot be presented maybe because they believe that there will be a lot of errors if this happen, and 5 out of 30 people disagreed thinking that motion capture can generate any kind of motion impossible or not. Motion capture requires live motion, meaning it can only work in real time, although 9 out of 30 people were uncertain whether this statement is true or not, this is probably because some people do not know how motion capture works, but a whopping 23 out of 30 people agreed that motion capture only works in real time.Motion capture system is very expensive and 23 out of 30 people agreed so, it requires hard work and is time consuming for the actors and the technicians, although 21 out of 30 people were uncertain on whether motion capture is easy.Dogs, horses or any animal with four feet can be difficult to capture. 18 out of 30 people agreed that applying motion capture to 4 legged animals could be hard because animals don t actually perform all the time the way we want them to because animals, even tamed one are still considered wild and unpredictable, although 12 out of 30 people were uncertain and 3 out of 30 people disagreed thinking that animals obey every command as long as you treat them well and give them a doggie treat every time they do things correctly. Motion capture technique s are well known for preserving the distinctive signature of the real movement (Amaya, 1996, p.1) coming from the human actor. In spite of this, motion capture involves the use of special equipments; this requires the entire motion session to be recapped once a motion session is different from the already captured one. What I basically did was I looked for scholarly articles on the internet, gave out surveys, looked for books in the library that were related to my topic, and placed interesting or related texts on my note cards and paraphrasing them so that writing the actual research paper would be easy considering that you will just copy what is on the back of the note cards. A majority of the people who took part in my research paper were students from Computer Science in De La Salle University, and a minority came from Psychology Students from the same University. The results were reasonable and I would have said the same randomly if I did not research about the topic. The result s mean that motion capture is applied in our everyday lives whether we know it or not. Compared to the 2nd research, the 1st research was all about the opinion of other people on how they know about motion capture. Though impressive in its ability to replicate movement, the motion capture process is far from perfect. (Boulic, 1998, p.1)

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Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain Essay -- Papers

Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain Dunkirk began the 24th May 1940, when French and English soldiers were trapped on the beach of Dunkirk fighting a losing battle against the Germans. So the British launched a desperate attempt to evacuate them back to British soil where they would be safe, known as operation dynamo. Soldiers were rescued from the beaches in France by the thousands; overall 350,000 were brought back to England with 139,997 French, almost all the BEF were saved. I am going to read through all the sources and decide whether I agree with AJP Taylor's interpretation of the result of Dunkirk. To en able me to answer the question I will use a variety of sources from paintings, photographs, written extracts and a short video clip. It is important to look at each source and conclude the successes and disasters about Dunkirk. All the sources were made by British people therefore they may come across as biased. Source A is a contemporary painting created by Charles Cundall, it shows the troops being rescued from the Dunkirk beaches. It is a secondary source, because, Charles Cundall wasn't actually at Dunkirk when it happened, this makes the source less reliable because it is an artist's impression. This source shows a lot of deliverance that also fits with my knowledge such as the many soldiers being rescued via pleasure boats, fishing boats etc to be rescued. There are big boats, small boats with all different appearances, because the public helped in this desperate attempt to evacuate the British and the French and save thousands of lives. In the background you can see the moles, which also became useful, they allo... ...ctics include the fact that the British soldiers buried themselves in the sand to prevent the Germans seeing them. Therefore I conclude that looking back at my statement 'Dunkirk was a great deliverance and a great disaster' I think that there was not sufficient evidence to support this quotation because I sources that I have read apart from one have been totally biased towards Britain. The only exception was source F this showed both sides and point of views and contained sufficient evidence although it would because it was written by AJP Taylor. Most of the other sources lacked evidence and didn't fit with my knowledge and were used for propaganda to boost morale. However taking into account that evidence was more for the patriotic feel, which boosted morale on home front, therefore balanced deliverance of Dunkirk.

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The structure of the play Blood Brothers

At the start of the play , w see the end of the play , a flash back, although at this point we do not know its the end , all we see is 2 men dead on the floor and a very mysterious and creepy music can be heard , leaving the audience wondering what is going on. Then we learn of what is going on as the narrator recites a passage that we here a few times in the play â€Å"As like each other as two new pins, of one womb born on the self same day, how one was kept and one given away? An did you never hear how the Johnston's died, never knowing that they shared one name till the day they died, when a mother cried, my own dear sons lie slain† this passage tells the audience what's happening and gives away the plot, but it doesn't ruin it for the audience as there is still information they do not know for example, how did they die? Why did they not know they were brothers? And lots more questions, causing them to be more indulged in the play. Complication The complication in the play is when Mrs. Johnstone is forced to give up one of her sons to Mrs. Lyons to avoid losing them both to social services or going into so much debt that she just couldn't look after them. If this part of the play didn't happen, there really would be no play as it would mean Eddie and Mickey wouldn't have to meet and they would never become blood brothers, Eddie wouldn't go to university because he wouldn't of been able to afford it and Eddie wouldn't of had the good job and been able to give Linda money later on in the play and give Mickey a job. Rising action Other small complications in the play that are added in to make it more interesting and add more action are important to the play also. The love triangle between Mickey, Eddie and Linda, without this part of the play Linda wouldn't have cheated on Mickey causing Mickey to get jealous and seek out Eddie to kill him at the end of the play. But another complication which was vital and the reason that Linda cheated was Sammie shooting the man and Mickey going to prison for it , if this didn't happen Mickey wouldn't of got depressed had to take his Tablets , he wouldn't of slowly pushed Linda away, and as I said , Linda wouldn't have cheated. Climax The climax of the play is obviously the end sequence which starts with Mrs Lyons who at this point in the play has become a paranoid wreck showing/telling Mickey that Edward and Linda are together, This is a catalyst for the ending everything in the play after this point speeds up (the music, the speech the movement) Mickey is outraged by what he now knows about his wife and Ex best friend so he runs home finds the gun that Sammie used to shoot the man earlier in the play and goes in search of Eddie , during this he the female characters realise what's about to happen and emotions hit there peaks â€Å"he's †¦. Mickey†¦. Mickey's got a gun† (Mrs. J) (p97) the tension and speed increases more and more as we get closer to the end. Shouting and screaming increases the tension, Mickey reminds the audience of what has happened throughout the play â€Å"FREINDS! I could kill you. We were Friends weren't we? Blood brothers, wasn't it? Remember?† then it finally hits the peak when Mrs Johnstone tells them there brothers and they both are shot, Mickey by the police officer then Edward by Mickey. Solution The solution, although sad is the two twins dying, if it wasn't for them not knowing they were twins the play would never have been, but nothing could be peaceful and right until the problem made at the start which was them, was taken away. The secrets and lies had to come clean for the play to be ended and that meant Mrs Johnstone had to learn from her mistakes, she had to be punished for her mistakes and the superstition which pays such a key part in this play had to come true. Finally we end the Play how it started with the mysterious Narrator repeating the passage said at the start â€Å"Did you ever here the story of the johnstone twins , As like each other as two new pins, of one womb born on the self same day, how one was kept and one given away? An did you never hear how the Johnston's died, never knowing that they shared one name till the day they died, when a mother cried, my own dear sons lie slain†. The narrator The narrator in the play plays a very important character in the play, like most narrators he tell the story, but this narrator is slightly more mysterious and complicated than most. He is a ghost like figure; He seems to always be there, but is never seen by the characters, he is truly like a ghost , in some parts of the play he touches the characters they turn round to see who it was but they seem to see nothing although the audience see him there. I have said that the narrator plays a ghost like figure other interpretations of him would be an evil spirit or the devil, I wouldn't Say he was ever like a guardian angel though because all his references are to bad things in the play, he is never really around when happy and comical parts of the play E.G when there children are playing guns but is ever present when tension and anger is involved in the scene , also his song â€Å"The devils got your number† suggests he may be the devil or an evil spirit in connection with the devil. The narrator also continuously refers back to superstition reminding the audience of a very key factor in the play. His lines are never blunt and straight to the point either, they usually are in riddles to make the audience think. Themes The themes in Blood brothers are constantly referred to and gone back to throughout the play, usually reminded to the audience by the narrator but also quite obvious in the play. The first is fate this is mainly shown through the flash back, we see what the ending is like and we are also told by the narrator so throughout the play we know its going to end up like the start. The second and proberly most important theme is superstition â€Å"new shoes on the table, take them off† this theme is a main factor of fear in the play , Mrs johnstone is forever scared to let Mickey and Eddie play and be friends as she is scared if they find out they are brothers they will both die , like Mrs. Lyons said. The final theme is love, love pays a key part and links with superstition Mrs Johnstone loves both her sons and doesn't want them to die , But due to the love triangle between Linda , Eddie and Mickey she has to tell them showing how destructive love really is. The love of different class's is also shown in the play, we see Mrs Lyons and upper class citizen being very over protective of Eddie because she loves him so much she doesn't want him getting hurt in comparison to Mrs johnstone who would rather show her love by letting Mickey enjoy himself and have fun. Dancing Dancing is referred to a lot in the play especially in a lot of the songs, were Mrs. Johnstone refers to a lover taking her dancing or not taking her dancing. Again dancing is compared in the two social classes in the play Mrs Lyons teaches Edward to dance in a very traditional way E.g. a Waltz, were as Mickey Dances to a disco music and Rocky music reflecting on the character as Edward dances a more mature and educated dance and Mickey dances a more playful Un educated dance which doesn't have much structure. Dreams and ambitions Every Character in the play has there own dreams and ambitions again these are Very different over the two social classes. To start though Mrs Lyons has the dream of having a child, so when Mrs. Johnstone comes to her with twins that she doesn't think she can look after Mrs Lyons jumps at the opportunity. In Mrs. Johnstone case she dreams of getting a new husband, moving house, Getting money, she also gets all the things she wants†¦ but these things seem to all cause problems later on in the play , for example Mrs Lyons gets her Child but ends turning into a paranoid wreck because she feels the burden of the secret of adopting Mrs J's baby illegally is always upon her. In Mrs Johnston's case moving house and getting a new man is really ruined as they move to were The Lyons family have escaped to and Mickey and Eddie grow up together, if this wouldn't of happened they proberly would of forgotten each other preventing both there deaths. Both Mickey and Eddies dreams and ambitions also cause destruction there dreams to be like the other seems to cause jealousy which eventually causes Mickey to shoot Eddie, Eddie's dreams of university separates the 3 friends leaving Mickey to fend for himself and make the wrong choices. So to sum up every ones dreams and ambitions seem to come true in the play but they all seem to backfire on the characters. Toy guns Toy guns is an issue covered in the play which causes many problems, when the characters are kids they play with toy guns as said in the song they can get up after a count to ten , they cant die when they play with toy guns they don't understand the dangers of guns , this lack of understanding is carried out into there adulthood and it results in Mickey being put in prison when Sammie pulls the trigger and shoots someone , but still Mickey does not learn his lesson, in the final scene when Mickey holds the gun to Eddie I don't think he means to shoot him , I think he is using it to scare Edward and due to his naivety when he shoots Eddie he kills him , he kills his own brother and best friend. He has never grown up, he is still a kid inside, but the weapon he holds has.

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Macbeth Apperance vs Reality

?The world is governed more by appearances than by realities. Throughout society people are judged based on their appearance. This is unfortunate because appearance can be deceiving. In William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth appearances are not what they seem. Some people may change because they think that their true self does not fit in society while others pretend to be something they are not. In the theme of appearance versus reality Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have an image but as the time passes by their true personalities began to show. Macbeth portrays himself differently from his true inner self.He pretends to be a strong and intelligent person but from inside he is weak and indecisive. When Macbeth first confronts the witches’ prophecies he says, â€Å"Come what may, time and the hour runs through the roughest day† (1. 3. 152-153). Macbeth is leaving his future to ‘chance’. He wants to appear noble and strong but in the end he refutes his statement by killing Duncan and Banquo to get to the throne. Also, when Lady Macbeth explains the plan to Macbeth he asks â€Å"If we should fail? † (1. 7. 59). He is still afraid of the consequences of his actions. His actions look pungent but he does not have any reason to kill Duncan.Macbeth has a debate within himself to murder King Duncan or to spare his life. Macbeth hesitation to kill Duncan proves in realty he is a weak man. Lady Macbeth represents herself as a beautiful and powerful woman in society but she is as weak as her husband Macbeth. To convince Macbeth to follow the plan she says â€Å"I have given suck, and know how tender ’tis to love the babe that milks me. I would, while it was smiling in my face, have plucked my nipple from his boneless gums and dashed the brains out, had I so sworn† (1. 7. 54-58). Macbeth asks for her help, but she responds by being harsh to him to keep up her appearances.Even when Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost, instead of he lping him, she tells him to go to bed and stop imagining weird things. Lady Macbeth appears heartless toward others. However, one night a gentlewomen and a doctor see her sleep waking and mumbling â€Å"Out, damned spot! Out, I say! † (5. 1. 25). She appears to be wide awake but she is unconsciously revealing her true self. Her guilty conscious leads to her downfall through suicide. In this scene her appearance crumbles. She seemed powerful and unsympathetic, but in reality her guilt of Duncan’s murder driver her crazy proving she has become weak.In Macbeth the theme of appearance versus reality is shown through the characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. They both revealed a fictitious picture of their personality even though on the inside they are different people. Macbeth’s indecisive personality leads to his destruction. The iron lady, Lady Macbeth appears to be a tough woman, who feels no guilt. But in the ending she shatters to pieces because of her guilt- ridden conscious. No matter what one appears to be reality will defeat appearance. People can put disguise on reality for time being but in the end truth reveals itself.

Miguel Street Essay

Discuss the representation of man and manhood in the 2 short stories of Miguel Street. On Miguel Street, the representation of man and manhood can be seen negatively in these two short stories† â€Å"Bogart† and â€Å"A thing without a name†. Where as a man’s manhood is considered strong if certain characteristics such as aggression, evading the law and their present living circumstances. The story about Bogart illustrates where his manhood being threaten where as Bogart is unable to father a child by his Tunapuna wife so he finds a means to escape this difficulty. He goes elsewhere, run a â€Å"high-class† brothel, meets another woman and successfully impregnates. Once he has achieved his goal of proving his virility, he may return to Miguel Street although he returns as a bigamist as Hat would say â€Å"To be a man, among we man†. He would now be seen as a high standing man of the community, playing with the surrounding children and giving them parties, which is a vastly different from the life he once had by pretending to be a tailor but now is seen The main character in â€Å"A thing without a name â€Å" Popo is a carpenter by profession but he is not considered a man among his peers as his wife was the main breadwinner of the family which did not bothered him as he would continue to make â€Å"a thing without a name†. This however changed when Popo wife left him for another man, it is then that he was accepted as â€Å"one of the gang â€Å"within Miguel Street, as they could related to his pain and heart ache. His man hood was however bruised by the separation of his wife , so he would then retaliate by fighting the other man and going to prison, which eventually made him an hero on Miguel street.

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PR FINAL PROJECT Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

PR FINAL PROJECT - Research Paper Example The industry further requires PR executives to work for long hours, including weekends, and even standing in the rain or snow to check in invitees while earning diminutive salaries that are not convenient (Brown 1). Given the intertwined nature of the entertainment industry and other industries, PR executives must be updated on what is taking place in the world generally. Intrinsically, it requires one to have passion for such a job to endure the shortcomings thereof and not just being interested in the glamour (Walker 1). PR Agencies hire staff to execute their various obligations to their clients, depending on the area of interest. One can be hired as an account representative in either a movie theatre, a film production company or by an entertainer as publicists. Publicists are engaged in managing and representing entertainer’s image before the eyes of the public. This is done by ensuring that Web sites, TV shows, newspapers, and magazines contain good press about the entertainer (Kennedy 1). An account manager for a film production company is responsible for the exploration and lurching of novel film coverage opportunities, the establishment and maintenance of a potent relationship with the media, and the creation of exciting campaigns that are integrated digitally (SAR 1). Movie theatre’s account representatives establish and uphold membership schemes and formulate initiatives that will urge people to visit the movie theatre habitually (The National Advisory Public Body for Theatres 1). PR departments for an entertainment company that does not outsource its public relations tasks may hire a candidate, who fulfills the criteria set out, to help answer journalists when they inquire about the company, represent the company in public appearances and interviews (Media 1). Having garnered sufficient experience in the field of PR, it is a lucrative job

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Health Care Reform Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Health Care Reform - Essay Example There is no denying the fact that in the United States of America, the issue of healthcare reforms has grown beyond a national issue to a political issue and it keeps becoming more and more controversial because of the political dimension it has taken. Despite the political perspective with which the issue of healthcare reform in the United States takes, it is still possible to discuss the policy from a purely objective viewpoint without any political sentiments and that is exactly what is going to be done in this essay. The present controversy has to do with whether the Obama proposed healthcare reform is feasible and necessary for the United States. Without any reservation, I would say that my position is in the affirmative. Major arguments with the Health Care Reform The health care plan proposed by Mr. Obama during the 2008 campaign season and which has continued to be his ambitious legacy has several important components and issues that continue to spark controversy and argument s. Some of the major components are discussed with my side of the argument clearly stated. Attainability of Universal Health Care The first argument held by Mr. Obama is the attainment of universal health care. Health PAC (2011) explains that â€Å"universal health care is the belief that all citizens should have access to affordable, high-quality medical care.† Politically, this argument is highly valid and that is where I belong. Logically, all citizens are a representation of the nation and government. They also constitute the political kingmakers. Any national policy that seeks to improve the wellbeing of the citizenry must therefore be universal and not discriminatory. Among some other technical reasons why universal health care is prudent and needs to be embarked is the fact that the cost of healthcare continues to be very expensive and that not all people are able to afford. Statistics has it that â€Å"the number of uninsured U.S. residents has grown to over 45 milli on† (Balanced Politics, 2011). This calls for the need of reaching very far with healthcare as there is evidence of discrimination with healthcare benefits. Having quoted the number of uninsured Americans, it becomes justifiable for opponents to argue that universal health care would be a huge economic burden unto the United States and can destroy the economic amidst global economic down-turn. However, it is important to consider the proverb that says that if you think education is expensive, try ignorance. If anyone thinks universal health care is expensive, the fellow should think about the amount of revenue that the nation will loss as a result of non-productive human resource because of ill-health. Guaranteed eligibility for affordable health care for all Americans Another component of the Obama led health care policy is the guaranteed eligibility for affordable health care for all Americans. This component of the health care plan seems to answer critics who argue that uni versal health care is unattainable. Critics believe that the population of America is too large to think of a single health care policy that will cater for the health needs of all citizens. These critics believe that such statutory interventions should come in only when the situation is highly critical. However, under the guaranteed el