Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Patients with Stroke Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Patients with Stroke - Assignment Example It is a responsibility of a hard-headed nurse in assessing the religious and spiritual issues, family and social issues, and independence and activity issues in strict coherence with the physical symptoms and psychological distresses (Williams & Perry, 2010). Bearing it in mind, there comes a clear understanding of the link between the nursing interventions needful for stroke and Parkinson’s patients. ... To say more, it is a difficult process at a glance which needs a thorough look into blood tests, ECG, CT scans, and other medical interventions to be specifically assessed within a concrete time-limit. In this vein, a nurse should provide a set of practical treatments to make a patient go out of the depression caused by the neurological disorders discussed in the paper. One of the approaches is to pinpoint the exact source of anxiety among Parkinson’s multiple sclerosis patients (Lewis, Heitkemper, Dirksen, Goldsworthy, & Barry, 2006). It is a mandatory step for promoting efficacy through accuracy in nursing. On the other hand, what unites the three diseases in accordance with nursing intervention is the need for the â€Å"ask-tell-ask (also known as â€Å"Elicit-Provide-Elicit†) communication technique† (RNAO, 2010, p. 7). This is one of the general similarities in coping with the stroke, Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis patients. Needless to say, most clients with a chronic neurologic disorder will experience feelings of depression and hopelessness, and, therefore, a nurse’s care should be focused on this in the interpersonal dimension of care. Besides, to relieve the anxiety among Parkinson’s patients, a nurse is to have a set of procedures and implementations to be run during the whole process of intensive medical care.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Your pick of this week's news week 11 (responses) Assignment

Your pick of this week's news week 11 (responses) - Assignment Example China, according to US intelligence, appears ready to launch a ‘short, sharp’ war with Japan,an allegation the Chinese vehemently deny. The US on its part vows to honor the defense treaties it has with Japan. While on the surface and in public the two nations appear to have a friendly relationship, what lies below all that seems more grotesque, and the two nations seem to be edging ever closer to a full scale conflict. The writer has also done a good job in showing the prelude to this conflict,which is one of mistrust between two of today’s superpower nations. She has written about the events leading to this conflict. She has also, without bias, presented the cases that the two nations have in laying claim to the islands in question. In my opinion this is a top class news article, and the writer deserves a pat on the back. The article is titled "Rhode Island Settles Case on Jobs for the Disabled." It was written by Dan Barry and was published on April 8,2014 in The New York Time newspaper. The story looks at a landmark announcement by the department of Justice regarding employment for 3000-odd disabled people in Rhode Island. Prior to this agreement, it is estimated that â€Å"450,000 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities while away their days in essentially cloistered environments† across the entire country. One of the disabled people interviewed expressed his discontentment with his job saying he â€Å"did not like( the job) very much†. The new agreement has lead to praise for Rhode Island for â€Å"embracing the need for change†. Under the new agreement, people with disabilities are allowed to â€Å"obtain typical jobs within the community that pay at least the minimum wage†. In my opinion the article is true because one cannot doctor information about changes in the law. The writer also deserves commendation for highlighting such an important piece of legislation